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  • Plastic surgery is nothing new for reality stars. Many people who go on reality television show have plastic surgery ahead of the show in the hopes of finding fame and some are even daring even to go under the knife on camera. But faking plastic surgery is new territory for Make Me Heal. ‘Married At First Sight’ star Doug Hehner after getting criticized for his appearance on the show.

    Married at First Sight involves three couples meeting over the span of six brief days before deciding to head down the aisle. The couples are paired based on scientific details that ensure they will be a perfect match. After meeting and marrying, the couples then live together for four weeks before deciding whether or not carry on with the marriage or get a divorce. When Doug Hehner met his potential bride to be Jamie Otis, the lady admitted to not being attracted to Doug because of his appearance.

    Although it was Doug’s first time on the small screen, Jamie has tried her hand at dating on television before, appearing on the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad and other dating shows.


    Jamie admitted that she wasn’t attracted to Doug initially and Internet commentors apparently weren’t either, posting things that seemed to have broken Doug’s self esteem.


    Jamie said, “This is the worst feeling. Obviously I wasn’t like, “what a knockout!”


    “I couldn’t help but look at his family, because they were like, beaming, huge smiles, looking at me, and I just happen not to be attracted to the guy.”


    Doug noticed Jamie’s reluctance saying, “She was freaking out. And it seems like she doesn’t know what’s going on .It was a tense moment.”



    After the show aired, Doug posted of himself covered in bandages with the caption, “You have spoke, and I have listened!! I just hope the old saying is true that chick’s dig scars, because there has never been an old saying about chick’s digging moles. #marriedatfirstsight #FYI.”


    Many fans believed the photos, which Doug later revealed to be a hoax and that he hadn’t gone under the knife to remove his moles at all.


    “Hahaha – OK….. What’s surprising is not that people believed I would actually get rid of my moles, it’s that my scotch tape and gauze actually passed as a real post surgical bandage.”


    Although Doug didn’t have plastic surgery to please viewers, Emily Maynard of the Bachelorette did.


    According to UsWeekly, Emily Maynard had plastic surgery before appearing on the Brad Womack season of The Bachelor. Emily got breast implants, dental veneers and even a nose job to get ready for the show. According to the UsWeekly, source, Emily has been insecure about her appearance since developing Bell’s palsy as a teen. The nerve disorder left “the right side of her face paralyzed for a few months,” continued the insider. “She was tormented in school.”


    No word on whether or not reality shows have a great success rate at finding lasting love, but people sure seem to like trying.