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  • 2014 Emmys Red Carpet Showcases Plastic Surgery for Female Actors

    Last night’s Emmys were filled with highs and lows and many of them came from the stars themselves, rather than the skits on stage. From Sarah Silverman’s apparent pre-show enjoyment to Julia Louis Dreyfus’s impromptu makeout session with Bryan Cranston, the Emmys had great moments in between the boring ones, allowing a look at the stars and their plastic surgery

    Kaley Cuoco walked the red carpet in support of her show The Big Bang Theory, wearing a layered pink and red gown that showed off just the right amount of cleavage. Kaley previously admitted that her cleavage is the result of a breast augmentation she had at the age of 18. Kaley may also have had a nose job as a teen as her nose is looking slimmer these days.

    Lena Dunham was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Girls. Sporting a newly bleached blonde bowl cut and button down shirt sloppily tucked into an ombre ballgown, Lena was her typical proud mess on the red carpet. Given her pride in never looking her best, it seems unlikely that she would spend time under the knife. But maybe she’ll try a more flattering hairstyle the next time she feels the need for a change.

    Allison Janney seems to be everywhere these days and she was honored for her work as a Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series on Mom. Given her role as hot young mom to a hot young mom, Allison looks like she may have had some work to look her best, but a little younger. She may have had Botox injections in her forehead as well as some fillers in her cheeks and lips. Allison looks great and not overdone.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus won for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on HBO’s Veep. Julia has been looking better since her Seinfeld days, which may be an indication of plastic surgery, or better styling and makeup and just a touch of Botox in the forehead area.

    Robin Wright was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for House of Cards. She stole the red carpet wearing a custom Ralph Lauren white backless jumpsuit. Clearly Robin works out and the results are paying off. She has also revealed that she uses just a touch of Botox to stay camera ready for her roles and is hoping that the dermal injectable is all she needs to stave off the need for invasive plastic surgery, such as a facelift.

    Mom-to-be Hayden Panettiere showed off her growing baby bump in a sparkling silver gown with a plunging neckline by Lorena Sarbu. The Nashville star revealed not only that her baby to be is a girl, but also the results of her much talked about breast augmentation, which was on display in the gorgeous gown. Any weight that Hayden has gained with her pregnancy seems to be making her breasts appear more even with less of the gapping that had occurred and made her tabloid fodder.



    August 26, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Oscars Plastic Surgery, Award Shows by Dana Jackson | Leave a Comment

    JWoww Still Claims Her Face Untouched By Plastic Surgery

    After making her post baby debut, JWoww has once again sparked rumors debating whether or not the Jersey Shore star still has some baby weight to lose or has overdone the facial fillers once again. In the past, JWoww has denied having plastic surgery on her face—and it seems that she is sticking to her story.

    28-year old JWoww has said that she has pretty much lost all her baby weight, but still isn’t totally happy with the way her body is bouncing back and plans to tighten and tone further. In the meantime, JWoww has already made a couple of public appearances which show that her face is pretty full and plumped looking, leading to the suspicion that the new mom is using fillers. And too many of them.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn hasn’t treated JWoww, but he tells Radar Online that he suspects JWoww has gone overboard with fillers to her cheeks.


    “Wow! JWoww appears to have a pillow face. Her cheeks look overly plumped, as if they’ve been stung by a hive of bees.”


    “I suspect that she may have undergone injections of filler into her cheeks, making her look completely different than the JWoww we used to know. She may also have undergone Botox injections, causing her eyebrows to change shape and the wrinkles of her forehead to smooth.”


    Dr. Matthew Schulman, a New York plastic surgeon agrees that JWoww is overdoing the plastic surgery.


    “JWoww debuted fuller and higher cheekbones a few years ago, but recent photos show her looking even more plump. I do not think she has had any surgical treatments to her face, but fillers such as Restylane, Juvaderm, and even fat are probably responsible,” he said.


    “In my opinion she looks overdone and it is unclear if this is the result of too much filler or just the effect that weight gain from her pregnancy has had on her already filled cheeks. Additionally, if fat was injected into her cheeks, it is possible that the fat will has grown with weight gain. Her eye shape has changed but again this is more likely the result of over-plumped cheeks.”


    However, according to JWoww, she hasn’t touched her face and simply uses makeup to hide her flaws and wrinkles. JWoww responded to Radar’s rumors with an Instagram retort accompanied by a photo of herself without any makeup on, showcasing how she is able to wrinkle her brow and has more than a few freckles.


    “Very flattered radar online that u think I had all that work done but I’m just a plain jane mom with wrinkles without makeup… But kudos to u and ur site awesome material… Very riveting”

    In the past, JWoww has expressed interest in trying Botox, but says that she is holding off until she is older. In the meantime, the only plastic surgery she has admitted to having is breast augmentation, when she got implants placed as 21st birthday present.

    JWoww’s dramatically different looking without makeup, with thinner lips and a thinner face.



    August 25, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Wendy Lewis | Leave a Comment

    Plastic Surgery at the 2014 MTV VMAs

    The MTV VMA awards bring out the artists creative side as they typically forgo formal gowns in favor of outfits sure to keep tongues wagging for years to come. And with their unusual red carpet looks often comes a better look at their plastic surgery.

    Beyonce Knowles stole the show, appearing in a total of three looks throughout the night. Amidst rumors of a divorce around the corner, Beyonce’s 15-minute long performance of the night included video not only of her career, but of her family life as well, with home video mixed in. Beyonce played happy family with husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy while she performed in a rainbow colored leotard, which may have showcased her rumored breast augmentation and liposuction from a few years back. Beyonce is also rumored to have had a nose job or two during her lengthy career, as many believe her nose to be narrower and less wide than it was in the past. Beyonce took home many awards, in addition to the Video Vanguard Award, including Best Video With a Social Message and Best Cinematography for “Pretty Hurts” and Best Collaboration for “Drunk In Love” with Jay-Z.

    Nicki Minaj’s famously large derriere is rumored to be the result of a buttocks augmentation. Whether or not her rear end is natural has never really been answered as Nicki has only said that she has never had plastic surgery on her face, but instead uses contouring techniques to change up her appearance. Perhaps her co-performer Usher knows the answer as he made use of her butt during the stars’ performance of “She Came To Give It To You,” by slapping her behind as well as using it as a pillow for his head.

    Kim Kardashian and her younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner got out of their seats when Sam Smith performed “Stay with Me.” Kim showed off her cleavage, which is rumored to be the result of breast augmentation in a mini dress, while her sisters stuck to pantsuits. Kim also had laser treatment on her breasts to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks after pregnancy, but has denied having any procedures more invasive than Botox. Although they are young, both Kylie and Kendall have also been at the center of plastic surgery rumors, including both rhinoplasty and lip augmentation. All the sisters routinely deny getting plastic surgery, but photos from the past seem to indicate a group with progressively narrowed noses.

    Miley Cyrus managed to create a stir without even appearing on stage. Wearing a skimpy bandeau top and matching harem pants, rather than appear on stage to accept the award for Video of the Year for “Wrecking Ball,” a homeless man named Jesse gave a speech about homeless youth in Miley’s place. Miley has been the subject of rumors of everything from breast implants to nose jobs, but her only obvious procedure is getting dental veneers placed after transitioning from Hannah Montana to her current outrageous persona. After the big night, Miley took Jesse to In N Out to celebrate.






    August 25, 2014 in Black Plastic Surgery,Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Cosmetic Surgery,Ethnic Plastic Surgery,Oscars Plastic Surgery, Award Shows by Sam Stets | Leave a Comment

    Sofia Vergara: Plastic Surgery Possible in Future

    In the current issue of Redbook magazine, stunning Modern Family star Sofia Vergara dishes on how she manages to look glam at all times and whether or not plastic surgery could be a future possibility.

    42-year old Sofia Vergara manages to look red carpet ready at all times, with gorgeous long locks and full makeup. Still, the actress admits that it’s a time consuming process and shares some other beauty secrets as well, from her favorite makeup to her favorite skincare products.

    REDBOOK: A fun fact about you is that you’re a natural blonde. Does dyeing your hair darker require a lot of upkeep?

    Sofia Vergara: Having blonde roots with dark hair, you start looking bald! So I’ve been making it lighter recently, just because it’s easier. When my hair was very dark, I had to dye my roots every month—it was a lot of maintenance. Now I can go two or three months between colorings.

    RB: And those bombshell waves of yours—are they natural?

    SV: My hair is actually straight, so I use a curling iron to create them because my hair doesn’t do well with a lot of product. I can’t put oils, pomades, or anything else in it because it gets weighed down. I just use shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. My family has used Head & Shoulders forever [Sofia and her family are spokesmodels for the brand].

    RB: What about makeup—what are your go-to products?

    SV: I’ve worn the same shades my whole life because I know what looks good on me and at my age. I used to do more black eyeliner, but now that I’m older I wear browns because black can be too much. And I own a million products.

    RB: Are there days where you just don’t feel like being glam?

    SV: Not really, no. I don’t always curl my hair or wear false lashes, but I do full makeup every day and I always have.

    RB: How long does it typically take you to get ready?

    SV: An hour and 15 minutes. I take my time—I like showering, scrubbing, bubbling. Everyone is always rushing me! They’ll lie about when an event starts to try to get me there on time. But I always know, so I don’t give a damn.

    RB: Is there any part of getting ready that you don’t like?

    SV: Manicures. I don’t have the patience for someone to give me one. So I’ll paint my nails in the car on the way to the Golden Globes or to the airport.

    RB: Do you have an anti-aging regimen?

    SV: I’ve used Crème de la Mer since before I was supposed to; I believe in prevention. Because once your skin is sagging, it’s sagging.


    While prevention is a big part of staying forever young—plastic surgery can help once parts do begin to sag. Like eyelids. Which may be why when Redbook asks Sofia if she would consider plastic surgery in the future, she replies with the old “wait and see.”


    “Why not? I mean, not yet, but maybe [I'll do] my under-eye bags in my 50s. We’ll see what I need, but I’m not saying no!”


    August 24, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Ruby Marr | Leave a Comment

    Is Stephanie Pratt Rockin a Trout Pout for her Big Brother UK Debut?

    Stephanie Pratt was on the U.S. reality show The Hills for four seasons alongside her big brother and villain Spencer Pratt. Since the end of the show, Stephanie hasn’t actually gone away, she’s apparently just headed across the pond to appear on British TV series Made In Chelsea. Now she’s about to be one of the stars living in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother house, alongside actor Gary Busey, transgender boxing promoter Kellie Maloney; Benefits Street’s White Dee; TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger; B*Witched member Edele Lynch; Kelly Brook’s fiancé David McIntosh; boxer Audley Harrison;  Geordie Shore’s Ricci Guarnaccio and Emmerdale’s Claire King among others. It looks before heading into the house, Stephanie headed to the plastic surgeon’s office for a lip augmentation.

    28-year old Stephanie Pratt is the sister in law of Heidi Montag, best known for her numerous plastic surgeries. Back in 2010, Heidi underwent an astounding number of procedures including nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, Botox in forehead and frown area, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thighs and buttock augmentation. All this after having an initial nose job and breast augmentation. Most recently, Heidi replaced her F-implants with a more reasonably sized implant. And of course, she made her own mark on the Big Brother UK house, where she talked about feeling regret after going under the knife for so many operations.

    It looks like Stephanie may be following in Heidi’s footsteps in more ways that one. Although she has never openly admitted to having plastic surgery like Heidi has done, Stephanie is believed to have spent her share of time on the operating table. Stephanie probably had a nose job back in the day to narrow and refine her nasal tip as well as remove any bumps. In addition, she may have also had breast augmentation as her bust is pretty large and round, although not nearly as disproportionately large or obvious as Heidi’s once was.


    Since her mugshot in 2006 in Hawaii, when she was arrested for shoplifting $1,300 worth of merchandise from a Neiman Marcus in Honolulu, Stephanie has appeared to be all smiles. In part, because unlike her sad and scary mugshot, Stephanie now wears bright lipstick and also in part because she looks to have lip augmentation on a fairly regular basis.


    Stephanie’s lips are fuller looking than in the past and she may have gotten lip augmentation shortly before appearing on the Big Brother house.


    Currently, Stephanie is said to be upset because one of her housemates on the show is said to be getting considerably more money for their appearance than she is and Stephanie was told that she would be the highest paid participant.


    Clearly, much of Stephanie’s salary will likely go to keeping up her appearance as she probably also uses fillers not only in her lips but to enhance her cheeks and get rid of lines going from her lips to her nose.



    August 24, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | Leave a Comment

    Is Theresa Roemer as Fake as Her Closet?

    Everything is bigger in Texas, from closets to plastic surgery. Theresa Roemer has recently made the news as her multi-storied closet was reportedly robbed of what she reported was hundreds of thousands in designer duds. However, according to the thief, everything was fake—including Theresa’s lips.

    Theresa Roemer made headlines when she showcased her 3-story closet. According to Theresa, the closet cost $500,000 to build and was filled with numerous designer goods including 60 Birkins and 75 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels. Theresa was robbed after stepping out to dinner with her husband and forgetting to set the alarm on the dream closet. After the incident, she reported that she had been deprived of $1 million in goods, including three Birkin bags worth $60,000 each.

    “All my Rolexs, my Cartiers, this was full of Chanel,” Roemer told a local news anchor as she walked through her closet. “Chanel watches, and Cartiers, and Guccis.”


    However, the thief has a different story. Earlier this month, the thief contacted The Houston Press and said that the items he had taken from Theresa’s closet were actually designer knock-offs. He said that he had tried to extort $500, 000 from the Roemers or that he would tell the press. Theresa contacted the police during the deal, which made it null and so the thief came forward with his story.


    The thief then sent the Houston Chronicle the jewelry he stole from Theresa’s closet and it was found to be largely costume.


    Theresa explained, “It’s like any person’s closet. You mix and match. In my closet, I have a Donna Karan dress next to one from the Gap. My stylist had some vintage jewelry there from back in the ’60s. Not everything is a million-dollar design.”


    However, what has been noted is Theresa’s appearance. Like her wardrobe, Theresa appears to be a mix and match of original and plastic parts.


    As a body builder and pageant competitor, Theresa looks to be no stranger to plastic surgery. Many fitness and beauty pageant contestants undergo breast augmentation to help make their bodies appear to be more feminine and curvy and Theresa looks to be no different. As she has competed over the age of 40, Theresa also looks to have gotten some facial procedures as well, including Botox injections to smooth her skin on her forehead and between her brows. As she has probably lost some of the fat that helps to soften the lines of her face, Theresa looks to use fillers in her cheeks, in the nasolabial folds that run between her nose and mouth and may also use some along her jaw line as well as she has a very steep and square jaw. In addition, she looks to have fillers or collagen placed in her lips as her lips are very full and somewhat unusually shaped so the fillers may not have been placed evenly or she had a reaction to the them. In addition, her small, narrow nose and prominent nostrils could be the result of an over zealous rhinoplasty from years back.




    August 23, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stanfield | Leave a Comment

    Is Gwen Stefani Looking Hella Good with Plastic Surgery?

    Gwen Stefani’s style is ever changing and some believe that her face may be as well. Partially as a result of aging and partially as a result of fighting the tides of time with a little plastic surgery.

    44-year old Gwen Stefani is no doubt one of the best dressed women in music, changing her style over the years while still maintaining a connection to her SoCal roots. Just as her style has changed slightly over the years, her face has too, which could be the result of some judicious plastic surgery.

    While Gwen hasn’t openly admitted to plastic surgery or even gone overboard so that she looks unrecognizable from her early days, she does appear to have had some judicious non invasive procedures to help maintain her flawless complexion, including some Botox in her forehead and between her brows as well as some fillers in her lips, probably to make her signature red lips look even more stunning. She probably also has tried some sort of laser treatment to give her skin an overall tighter appearance.


    Plastic surgeon tells Popdust that he believes that Gwen has gone in for a few tweaks over the years, which is why she is able to look so good but slightly different.


    “Gwen looks great! I suspect that she’s had the assistance of a plastic surgeon to look so good,” Dr. Youn says.

    “She appears to have had Botox injections into her forehead to smooth it and arch her brows. I also suspect that she may have Juvederm Voluma injections into her cheeks to plump them up. Her skin is smooth and flawless, similar to what I’ve seen after skin tightening treatments such as Fractora.

    “Overall though, I have No Doubt she looks amazing!”


    Although Gwen is well known for her amazing style and flawless makeup, this isn’t the first time that she has been suspected of having plastic surgery since coming on to the music scene back in 1988. The platinum blonde showed up at the Teen Choice Awards a few years back rocking fuller than usual lips, which means that she has been doing some type of lip augmentation for a while. It could be that Gwen is trying to find the filler that gives her the results that she likes the best.


    On occasion, Gwen is also thought to have had breast augmentation as she looks to be filling out bikini tops and crop tops more than she used to. It is possible that Gwen has had very small implants placed, but it is more likely that she has filled out over the years, or taken advantage of motherhood to showcase her cleavage after she has had her last baby.


    Before finding fame, it is also possible that Gwen had a slight rhinoplasty. Early photos of a young Gwen show a slightly wider nasal tip, which Gwen may have had made more narrow with a nose job. Or maybe the singer just grew into her nose or learned to use makeup to help narrow it.


    August 22, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Jet H. Ross | Leave a Comment

    Do the New Real Housewives of Atlanta Have Plastic Surgery?

    Rumor has it that the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta will include newcomers Claudia Jordan and Demetria McKinney. It looks like the ladies will fit in nicely with the rest of the crew, as like many Real Housewives, they may have spent some time under the knife. Or needle.

    Claudia Jordan is a radio personality and DJ for DishNetwork’s Rickey Smiley Show (also the employer of RHOA star Porsha Stewart). In the past, Claudia was also a beauty pageant contender as a former Miss Rhode Island and Miss USA competitor who may be best known as one of the girls on “Deal or No Deal.” Apparently Claudia will only have a supporting role on the new season, but she is already stirring up the ladies with her stunning looks.

    Real Housewife husband Peter Thomas revealed to RealityTea earlier in the month, “Bravo crew came out, Kenya, new girl Claudia, my wife, Kordell [Stewart]. We shot at the bar last night until 2 in the morning. The two new girls are extremely beautiful, so there was a lot of chemistry in the house.”


    As a former beauty queen and presenter, it looks likely that Claudia has probably had a breast augmentation to help fill out the low cut gowns she favors. In addition she may have also had a nose job as her nose appears to be very straight and narrow.


    In the past, Claudia stirred up trouble with Tamar Braxton on the Braxton family reality show, so it seems that she should have no trouble holding her own with the drama that is sure to happen on RHOA.


    The other new Real Housewife of Atlanta star is Demetria McKinney. Demetria is an actress and philanthropist best known for her work on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and some of his other productions. As an actress, Demetria may have wanted to make her looks more camera friendly and may have had a nose job at some point as her nose is very small and symmetrical. It is also possible that she uses Botox to achieve her flawless forehead. And while her curves could be natural, it is also possible that Demetria has undergone a breast augmentation and possible buttocks augmentation as well.


    If Claudia and Demetria have spent time under the knife, they will be in good company as many of the other RHOA have openly admitted to plastic surgery, including NeNe Leakes who will be making a comeback for her final season on the show. NeNe, who is transitioning into an acting career has had nose surgery in addition to breast augmentation, breast implant reduction, a breast lift and liposuction. Porsha Stewart is rumored to have had buttocks augmentation while Phaedra Parks probably had Botox injections.


    Claudia and Demetria will be joining the existing RHOA cast including Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks, and Porsha Williams and NeNe Leakes, although it said that this will be NeNe’s final season on the reality show.



    August 22, 2014 in Black Plastic Surgery,Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Ethnic Plastic Surgery by Erica Hurtz | Leave a Comment

    JWoww Dishes on Post Baby Body

    Jenni Farley, better known as JWoww has a five week old baby and is already planning how to get her pre baby body back. Although JWoww has already hit the red carpet looking good, the new mom says that not everything is as she would like it to be. Given that before becoming a mother JWoww turned to plastic surgery to tighten things up, it seems within the realm of possibility that the reality television star would consider spending more time under the knife, possibly for a mommy makeover.

    In an interview with UsWeekly at the premier of her horror comedy Jersey Shore Massacre, JWoww gushed about being a new mom, from her infant’s giggling to her physical resemblance to JWoww’s fiancé, Roger Matthews. The Jersey Shore star also dished on her body, post baby.

    “I think I lost almost all of the baby weight but I’m kind of flabby,” she said. “S–t is jiggling that should not be jiggling. I’m trying to eat really, really healthy, no GMO, nothing that’s not organic, no preservatives and that really helps just shred the weight.”


    Before having a baby, JWoww was known for her intense gym regimen as well as using plastic surgery to help look and feel her best.


    In the past, JWoww has been very open about her plastic surgery and she has even inadvertently shown off her surgical scars from having the implants placed. In addition to scar reduction and scar elimination products such as silicone scar sheets, scar reduction creams and gels and Kelo-cote products, JWoww could still wear the plunging necklines she favors to show off her breast augmentation, but perhaps skip the outfits that reveal side boob, and her scars.


    Still, even after admitting to breast implants, she hasn’t directly commented on liposuction rumors or admitted to having work done on her face. It is suspected that JWoww underwent liposuction a few years back because of the uneven appearance of her stomach. While her bellybutton is very flat, she still has some slight bulges closer to her hips, a sign of uneven liposuction having been performed.


    If JWoww is looking to tighten up after having daughter Meilani, she may be considering a mommy makeover which includes a breast lift, tummy tuck (with a scar low enough to make wearing bikini briefs possible) and liposuction. However, a mommy makeover is typically only recommended once a woman is finished having kids. And according to JWoww, she isn’t sure that Meilani will be an only child.


    JWoww didn’t have an easy pregnancy but she has fallen in love with her daughter, apparently making her undecided as to whether or not she and her fiancé will continue to expand their family.


    “I f–king hated pregnancy, I hated the birth. It was the worst experience of my life. Then I look at her and I’m like, ‘I want another one’ but then I’m like, ‘Oh my god, do I really wanna go through what I just went through?’ It’s horrible!”




    August 21, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Dana Jackson | Leave a Comment

    Teen Barbie Claims to be all Natural, No Plastic Surgery Required for Assembly

    There seems to be a lot of Human Barbies popping up on the web these days, using surgical and cosmetic enhancements to help them appear to be as doll-like and plastic as possible. The newest addition to the toy collection seems to be Lolita Richi, from Kiev, Ukraine, a 16-year old who claims to have the same body proportions as a Barbie doll. According to the young lady, she has spent no time under the knife and unlike other Barbies, eats anything she wants, which is probably more caloric than existing on air alone.

    According to Lolita, she has a 20-inch waist, a 32F bra size. To get the same wide-eyed stare as the children’s toy, she wears contact lenses, but she insists that the contacts are the only change she makes.

    She further asserts that her real life human doll looks are all natural, without the benefit of Photoshop, plastic surgery or dieting.


    The Mirror quotes the outspoken teen as saying, “I think I’ve achieved this image better than anyone else. I’m the ultimate vamp woman. I haven’t even heard of Valeria Lukyanov.”


    “People have openly told me that they’re jealous of me and how good I look. All of the boys at school fancy me as well but I don’t like any of them. They are not to my taste.”


    Lolita has quite a following on social media, despite only doing the doll thing for the past year. Before that, she says that growing up she was more of a Tomboy and didn’t play with dolls.


    Whether or not Lolita is being honest about her own plastic surgery, she says that if a woman is feeling insecure about her looks, she should fix the problem, either with cosmetics or surgery.


    Lolita added: “I started dressing up like this because I want to look perfect. I think that all women should be well-kept and immaculate. I wanted to be my own inspiration.

    “If a girl doesn’t have beautiful eyes then they should wear contact lenses to sort it out. If they have a crooked nose, then she must do something about it, whether that’s plastic surgery or not.

    “I had great features to start with and I just improved on them. My big breasts are natural although I sometimes wear a push-up bra to enhance them.

    “I have a gorgeous figure so I don’t even have to diet. I just eat whatever is available in the fridge whether that’s sausages or fruit.

    “I started wearing affordable contact lenses and make-up. My mother used to be an actress so I borrow her wigs.

    “I feel comfortable and confident in my appearance. There are many women who want to look like this.”

    Lolita admits to getting her share of criticism from online commentators, but says that she also gets a lot of compliments too. Her mother, 33-year old photographer Anya, is Lolita’s number one fan and even takes photos of her daughter to showcase her appearance.


    August 21, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Wendy Lewis | Leave a Comment