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  • Did Stacy Keibler Have Breast Augmentation?

    Stacy Keibler and George Clooney may no longer be an item, but her years with the world’s most famous bachelor seem to have boosted the former lady wrestler’s career—and sense of style. While Stacy has been plagued since even before George about rumors of a nose job and breast augmentation, the rumors have been recently reignited after Stacy appeared at the 17th annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards showing off her best assets in a cut out gown. In the past, Makemeheal.com has suspected that Stacy has been under the knife as her earlier photos reveal a slightly different nasal tip to the one she has today. While clever lighting and professional makeup up application go a long way in changing up a look, it can’t replace a well-done rhinoplasty to make a nose perfect from every angle.

    Stacy’s nose no longer has a small dimple at the end, instead it is a perfect button and it also appears to be slightly narrower and more defined than it was in the past, indications of a small, cleverly performed nose job. While Stacy has long been suspected of having breast implants thanks to her former career as a sexy female wrestling star, an industry that tends to be heavy on the plastic surgery, she eventually banished those rumors to the backburner, thanks in part to her relationship with George Clooney. Now that she’s once again a free agent, the rumors have reemerged, thanks in part to Stacy’s wardrobe at red carpet events. In the past, Stacy has said in interviews that people in the entertainment industry have told her not to get breast implants, advice it looks like she has followed. Stacy also said that she is a role model for young girls and her young fans like that she has not changed since the beginning of her career. However, when Stacy attend the recent 17th annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards, her white gown did look like it may have revealed some possible new implants. The criss-cross cutout shape at the top of the gown revealed a lot of cleavage, including that “bolted on half grapefruit” look that seems to happen with thin women that have small implants placed. While Stacy’s look wasn’t overtly revealing, it did seem to reveal plastic surgery, especially when photos taken from the side seem to indicate a possible ridge between the implant and her chest. On the other hand, Stacy’s breasts look to be slightly uneven, which is more likely with natural breasts. Generally breast implants can help to correct unevenness in the breasts, by using a slightly larger implant or a slight lift by the surgeon. As Stacy has uneven and fairly small sized breasts (for implants), she probably just has a terrific pushup bra system of some sort in place—no easy task as the dress is nearly backless and cut out on the sides. With or without George by her side, Stacy clearly knows how to command a red carpet.


    November 11, 2013 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Erica Hurtz | Leave a Comment

    Did NeNe Leakes Have More Plastic Surgery?

    NeNe Leakes has previously told fans when she had gone under the knife—for some liposuction and a breast lift as well as a nose job. But NeNe was looking drastically different at some of New York’s fashion shows back in September, leading many to think that the Real Housewife of Atlanta star had taken some time for some more plastic surgery. But NeNe says that nothing could be further from the truth.

    In photos of NeNe from this year’s New York Fashion Week, NeNe’s nose looks a little more refined and her jawline looks a little more defined.

    According to Dr. Anthony Youn’s statement to RadarOnline.com, more plastic surgery is probably the reason fro NeNe’s new look, including another nose job and some lipsuction along her jawline. He also suggested that NeNe may have gotten Botox injections as her eyebrows appeared to be more elevated than in the past.

    NeNe had previously openly admitted to having a nose job back in 2010 and even told talk show hostWendy Williams that she liked the results of her liposuction procedure so much that she wouldn’t hesitate to go back for more if she felt she needed it.

    However, in this case, NeNe says that rumors about new plastic surgery procedures just aren’t true.

    She recently appeared on another former Real Housewife’s show, The Bethenny Frankel Show and said that the rumors aren’t true—not even Botox.

    Most likely, NeNe was able to fool fans into thinking that she looked different by changing her look for the stylish event and only sharing photos that were most flattering.

    Likely inspired by the looks on the runways and the front row fashion show goers, NeNe looks like she had her makeup team up the glam factor by shaping her brows at a little higher elevation and contouring her eye makeup so that the focus was on her big brown peepers. She may have also used some techniques with makeup that help to slim and minimize the appearance of her rather prominent nose.

    Makeup pros know lots of tips and tricks that can help camouflage and conceal any perceived flaws or minimize features that are not up to par. With YouTube tutorials and expert makeup tools, products and devices many women are using these same secrets to enhance their own appearance as well.

    In fact, women that don’t want to go under the knife can even use slimming shapewear to mimic the effect of body contouring procedures such as liposuction. The results aren’t as dramatic and clearly not permanent but a tummy slimmer paired with a pushup bra is a great way to get the same type of thin waist and large chest that many stars achieve with plastic surgery.

    By using professional makeup techniques and hidden undergarments, you can have results that are very similar to those that the stars use—but with no plastic surgery recovery time and much less expense.

    NeNe looks great and maybe finding love for the second time has helped her achieve a post-surgery glow.


    November 11, 2013 in Black Plastic Surgery,Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Ethnic Plastic Surgery by Dana Jackson | Leave a Comment

    RHONJ Caroline Manzo Inspired by Daughter’s Plastic Surgery to Go Under the Knife

    She may no longer be a Real Housewife of New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean that Caroline Manzo can’t act like one and head for some plastic surgery. After seeing the results of her daughter, Lauren Manzo’s breast reduction, apparently Caroline wants one too!

    Lauren Manzo tells RadarOnline that while her mom was initially against her having a breast reduction procedure, now she wants one too, after seeing Lauren’s great results.

    New Jersey cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Zubowski performed Lauren’s procedure, which dropped her bra size from a G cup to a C cup.

    According to Lauren, her breast reduction recovery was painless and her back problems have resolved since having the procedure done. Knowing this has made her mother decide to go under the knife, as she also has large breasts and resulting health problems.

    To help her speedy and painless recovery, Lauren probably used similar products to those found in the Makemeheal.com Cozy Breast Reduction Recovery and Survival Kit. The kit contains all the necessities needed to help the healing process, including a specially constructed bra, scar reduction sheets, tapes for the scar sheets, compresses and multi-vitamins for both before and after surgery to help aid the body’s natural processes.

    Lauren apparently opted for breast reduction plastic surgery after her breasts didn’t shrink after her lap band procedure to lose serious pounds in 2011. Initially, Lauren assumed that her breasts would go down with her weight, but when they didn’t, she opted for plastic surgery to reduce her bra size and achieve a bust that would better fit her thinner frame. Even against her mother’s wishes.

    It seems that Lauren had been considering having a breast reduction for a very long time as she reveals in the interview that she was wearing a G cup as early as her freshman year of high school. Now, she says she is happy with the size of her breasts.

    Even though Lauren has been under the knife several times now, she says she is done with it—at least for now.

    Lauren says that she is in no way a plastic surgery addict and isn’t even considering any plastic surgery treatments in the near future, even Botox or skin treatments. Instead, she plans to hold off on any plastic surgery until after she has children.

    If Lauren is planning on having plastic surgery after she is finished having kids, she is probably considering what is known as a “mommy makeover.” Typically a mommy makeover includes a tummy tuck with or without a little liposuction as well as breast lift. Often women will opt to have breast implants placed along with the lift, but that seems unlikely given Lauren’s recent history.

    With her new body, Lauren probably feels much more confident in her appearance and is set to appear on her family’s new reality show, Manzo’d With Children, the spinoff from her mother’s original appearance as a Real Housewife of New Jersey.



    November 10, 2013 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Wendy Lewis | Leave a Comment

    Talk Co-Host Julie Chen Opens Up About Eyelid Surgery

    Newscaster Julie Chen has been under scrutiny for years for having had plastic surgery. On an episode of her show The Talk, Julie finally opened up about the plastic surgery rumors, admitting that she did have eyelid surgery after a producer and an agent told she looked “too Chinese” to move ahead in her career.

    On “secret week” where all the co-hosts spilled their secrets and answered some rumors, Julie revealed that she had plastic surgery when she was 25 years old. Then local news reporter at an ABC affiliate in Dayton, Ohio, Julie was looking to move ahead in her career when a producer told she would never be able to fill in at the anchor’s desk because she looked too Chinese. He reportedly also told her that having Asian eyes made her look “bored and disinterested” and unrelatable to the people of Dayton, which has a very small Asian population.

    Looking to get away from that producer, Julie met up with a big agent who told her the same thing—and that he would only represent her if she had blepharoplasty to make her eyes look bigger. After going under the knife for eyelid surgery, Julie’s career began to take off, although she says that she sometimes feels guilty for “giving in to the man.”

    Julie then finished her reveal by saying that she is proud to be Chinese and has no regrets about her plastic surgery.

    While Julie may have hoped that admitting to eyelid surgery would help to alleviate the plastic surgery rumors swirling around, they seem to have exacerbated them. After she said she had eyelid surgery, many people seemed to think she was still holding back some plastic surgery secrets, including having had a nose job. Julie says that the only surgery she has had was on her eyes and that her nose is the result of careful contouring with makeup, not a scalpel. She went on to deny even having dental veneers or braces and has not had fat sucked out of her face or cheek implants or a chin implant either.

    However, Julie does admit to considering having a nose job to correct what she describes as a “very meaty” nose. Julie says that she changed her mind after her grandmother told her not to change her nose because it is a happy nose, according to Chinese superstition.

    To explain why her appearance changes somewhat drastically from show to show, Julie says that sometimes her makeup  is a little overzealous with the heavy makeup and contouring, making her face appear to be different. Even the shape of Julie’s natural cupid’s bow mouth is altered with lipstick, having her makeup artist apply more to the outer edges and cutting down on the bow in the middle.

    Makeup is frequently used by those in the entertainment industry to change up their look. For example, Nicki Minaj has often said that she changes her makeup the same way she changes her wings, to alter her appearance without surgery.



    November 10, 2013 in Asian Plastic Surgery,Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Ethnic Plastic Surgery by Wendy Lewis | Leave a Comment

    Justin Bieber Fan Spends $100,000 on Plastic Surgery to Be Singer’s Look Alike

    There’s devote fans and then there are downright fanatics. While singer Justin Bieber’s fans have been known to take things to dangerous levels, one fan has taken them to a whole new place. Toby Sheldon says that he has spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to look just like The Biebs.

    According to RadarOnline, 33-year old Los Angeles-based songwriter Toby Sheldon says that he has had a series of plastic surgery procedures to become as childishly adorable as his favorite star, Justin Bieber. The numerous procedures that Toby has undergone include: chin reduction and eyelid surgery, multiple hair transplants and face filler procedures.

    The Daily Mail reports that Toby’s obsession with his appearance began when he was 23 years old and began experiencing thinning hair. But in 2008 when he began seeing pictures of Justin Bieber all over the place, his obsession grew to a whole new level as he decided he wanted to look just like his idol.

    At the time, he had already spent $8,000 on hair transplants, but he still wasn’t satisfied. So he brought his plastic surgeon a photo of Justin and had more hair transplants to make his hair look like the Biebs’ signature mushroom-head pixie cut, with three more hair transplants and another $21,000 investment.

    Still Toby, who admits to having a fear of aging, wasn’t happy with his new look. He wanted Bieber’s baby face.

    He says that by using Bieber as an influence, he has been able to look much younger in his own appearance through plastic surgery.

    That said, Toby doesn’t consider himself to be a die-hard fan saying, ” ‘I didn’t necessarily listen to his music or fawn over him as a celebrity, but his face was just so flawless every change I made was modeled after him.”

    After his procedures, Toby has maintained his look using fillers in his face and lips. Now he bears little resemblence to the man he was before plastic surgery, but he wasn’t done yet.

    Next Toby had Botox and Aquamid injected into his forehead and temples.

    Then, in 2012 he spent nearly $5,000 on eyelid surgery to raise his upper lids.

    This proved to be more difficult than it sounds as he had to go through eight different surgeons before finding one to operate on him.

    Most recently, Toby had smile surgery, a three part operation, to transform his smile into the Bieber’s grin. Smile surgery has been popular in Asia but is becoming more popular in the US as well. This procedure cost $30,000.

    Still, Toby says he isn’t done yet as he still doesn’t look quite enough like the real deal to satisfy himself.

    He is still planning to undergo a nose job and jaw reduction, which he says were recommended by his doctor.

    Toby is proud that he still gets carded with his newly youthful look and that his similar style and hair now get him mistaken for the original.





    November 9, 2013 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Male Plastic Surgery by Sam Stets | Leave a Comment

    Renee Zellweger Sports New Look, Courtesy of Botox

    For some time now, it seems like actress Renee Zellweger has become better known for igniting rumors of plastic surgery than for lighting up the big screen. Although the actress hasn’t done a film in several years, she still hangs around Hollywood. At a recent screen in Burbank, California for Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story, fans had to do a double take when the actress made an appearance with an especially bold forehead.

    44-year old Renee Zellweger has battled rumors of plastic surgery before, most recently of breast augmentation after she looked to have lost weight but gained a bust. As she never admitted to having gotten breast implants, her temporary gain could have been a pushup bra, possibly with additional breast inserts.

    Then there has been the matter of her ever-shrinking eyes. As Renee has gotten older, her face has somehow become fuller and her eyes noticeably smaller. Most experts attributed this phenomenon to the over zealous use of fillers like Restylane and Juvederm in her face, which made her look fresh and round-faced by caused her eyes to shrink in comparison.

    However, her new look is a drastic change. While up until now Renee has been known for her squinty eyes, her new look reveal a wide-eyed look—who knew they were blue?! And a super-smooth, very prominent forehead.

    While some may assume that Renee has had an eyelift to get rid of sagging eyelids that caused her eyes to appear smaller, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn tells Radar Online differently.

    Dr. Youn believes that Renee hasn’t been under the knife, but has used Botox. He explains that Botox may be preventing Renee’s brows from creating her “trademark look.”

    He goes on to say that by relaxing her brows, her eyes are able to appear more open and that only Botox was needed, not the knife.

    While Dr. Youn says that Renee’s results were good and that she looks better than ever, many of Renee’s fans begged to differ.

    RadarOnline reports online commentators complaining that Renee looks too plastic and has ruined her unique and thus her career.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Renee does seem to be on hiatus from working in Hollywood, so it is hard to say who is right. However there are ways that people with small eyes can enhance them, without needle or knife.

    YouTube is an excellent resource for finding makeup tutorials that give directions on how to enhance small eyes. Curling the eyelashes with an eyelash curler is a good first step as it helps to open up the eyes immediately.

    Another good trick is lining the inner lids on both the top and bottom with a white eyeliner pencil, and even smudging a little in the inner corners as well.  Be careful to blend so that you don’t end up with a sci-fi look.

    Probably the biggest trick of all is to have your eyebrows properly shaped. Thick brows can weigh down small eyes so have your brows professionally shaped with a slight arch to help elevate the brow. And avoid dark colors with small eyes, as they only make them appear smaller. In general, neutral hues are best for enhancing


    November 8, 2013 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Sam Stets | Leave a Comment

    RHONJ Star Lauren Manzo Gets Breast Reduction

    Real Housewife of New Jersery Star Lauren Manzo went under the knife last month for a breast reduction to take her “G” cup to a “C” cup. Previously, Lauren had lost weight using a lap band procedure and Makemeheal.com speculated at that time that plastic surgery could be a part of her weight loss process.

    Lauren is the 25-year old daughter of Real Housewives of New Jersery star Caroline Manzo. Lauren Tweeted the news last month, revealing her plastic surgeon and her enthusiasm:

    “So now you know! I had a breast reduction from @dr_zubowski and I couldn’t be happier — he was beyond incredible to me & I LOVE my new boobs!”

    Just two days later, she revealed her results, first of her full rack in a blue t-shirt then an after that showed off her new, slimmer cleavage:

    “I’ve been getting asked for a before and after of my breast reduction! Here it is! I can’t thank @Dr_Zubowski enough.”

    Lauren has been open about her plastic surgery in the past, saying that at her heaviest, she weighed an astounding 185 pounds, too much for her petite 5′ 3″ frame. At the time, she revealed being depressed about her size but after the lap pound was able to drop 30 pounds.

    Now that she has dropped from a G cup to a C cup, Lauren also seems to be happier and she looks it in her “after photo.”

    To help her healing process after breast reduction, many products can help to ease pain and discomfort as well as make the healing process faster and with less scarring. Generally, plastic surgery bras, scar sheets, compresses and vitamins are recommended. To make it easier for patients to recover, Makemeheal.com has created a Makemeheal.com Cozy Breast Reduction Recovery and Survival Kit. The kit includes the best products for healing in one convenient box as well as instructions on how to use them. In the kit, you will find:

    Allyssandra Cotton Knit Bra – Lightweight Support (2″ Band) (Qty: 1): specially constructed so as not to irritate surgical incisions and requiring no size because it is made to fit the newly sized breasts.

    Biodermis Breast Surgery Scar Reduction Silicone Sheets (Pair) (Self-Adhesive) (Qty: 1 Pair): designed to help improve the healing process and appearance of scars including size, height and color and may be used on all types of scars, old and new.

    Scar Sheet Tape & Washing Solution (Qty: 1):this is to help hold the scar sheets in place, even in humid conditions.

    Make Me Heal Plastic Surgery Healing Multinutrient Kit w/Bromelain (Pre & Post-Op Formulas) (Qty: 1): These vitamins have been designed specifically for patients undergoing surgery, preparing the body both before and after to help aid the process with scarring, bruising, swelling, etc.
    Mom and Real Housewives of New Jersery star Caroline Manzo announced previously that she would no longer be on the popular reality show, but instead the family is getting their own spinoff, Manzo’d With Children, on which Lauren is set to appear along with husband Albert and her other children, Albie and Chris.





    November 8, 2013 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | Leave a Comment

    Is Kendall Jenner On Board with Her Family’s Plastic Surgery?

    Kris and Bruce Jenner may be headed for Splittsville but the one thing that still seems to be uniting the family is plastic surgery. With a recent Instagram selfie, it looks like Kendall Jenner may have joined in the family fun with a little plastic surgery just ahead of her 18th birthday.

    Just before turning 18 on November 3, Kendall Jenner posted a photo of herself on Instagram, sporting a very pink and very large pout. Because her big sisters and her mother frequently get photographed after lip augmentation, many immediately thought the young model may have had her lips enhanced.

    As a young model beginning her career, many were concerned that Hollywood’s reach for perfection had reached a new young age.

    Celebrity psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser tells FoxNews.com, “As a teenager your identity is developing and so if you start getting this work done now it becomes part of who you are. You grow up thinking you need to enhance, alter or change your looks in order to be attractive,” she explained. “I always say that kids learn what they live. Kendall learned that focus on appearance is critical so it makes sense that she would already be trying to enhance or alter what she looks like.”

    Other plastic surgeons weighed in on Kendall’s new look saying that many teenagers that have very thin lips will turn to plastic surgery and use a little filler such as Restylane to give their lips a hint of plumpness.

    On the other hand, some experts seem to think that Kendall didn’t use any plastic surgery at all to boost her pout and instead used cosmetics to make her lips appear fuller, which would be more age appropriate.

    Given that the Kardashians love makeup and plastic surgery, it seems that Kendall’s enhancements could go either way. However, knowing that she is already a model for great lips probably is a sign that she just played with makeup, rather than plastic surgery.

    As some experts view Kendall as a role model for young girls to look up to, it seems that most parents would hope that they just need to buy a new lipstick, not a plastic surgery treatment. And some beauty experts have indicated that just finding the right lip product can achieve Kendall’s perfect pink pout, no needles needed.

    If you want to get a look similar to Kendall’s then just follow these tips. Keep the rest of your look subtle, with just a little mascara and bronzer or blush. If you have thin lips, then you may want to use a lip plumper to help enhance them, at least temporarily. Then using a light pink lip gloss like Nars lip gloss in Pillow Talk, simply swipe on a little or a lot, depending on how closely you want to mimic Kendall’s full sheen, then purse, pout and you’re ready for your own selfie!

    As an alternative, or to play with the pale pink lip, choose a pink lipstick and then swipe on a clear gloss.



    November 7, 2013 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stanfield | Leave a Comment

    The 47the Annual CMA Awards: Stars, Sparkles and Plastic Surgery

    Last night marked the 47the Annual CMA Awards and the stars didn’t disappoint when it came to the red carpet. From country couples to up and coming stars, everyone put on their country best to wow on the red carpet. Here’s a look at the winners:

    Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert proved to be the stars of the night. As country music’s power couple they set a record as the first married couple to win the Male and Female Vocalist of the Year awards four years in a row. Miranda has been stunning on the red carpet these days as the singer has been dropping pounds left and right and revealing her stunning body. Her plunging Roberto Cavalli dress didn’t leave much room in the way of a support system but most likely she was wearing some sort of slimming shapewear to further emphasize her newly svelte shape and eliminate any lumps and bumps.

    Carrie Underwood once again co-hosted the festivities, changing her outfit numerous times, but starting out on the red carpet in a super sparkling dress from Ralph & Russo Couture. With her hair piled swept up and to the side, Carrie still appears to be as naturally beautiful as ever, relying just on the copious amounts of makeup that an award show calls for to enhance her look. Throughout the night, Carrie looked stunning, whether she was mocking Miley Cyrus’ notorious performance at the VMA’s or handing out awards.

    Taylor Swift looked very sophisticated for her young age, wearing and Elie Saab gown in the same “Red” shade as her hit song and complimenting the look with a matching shade of lipstick. Taylor took home numerous awards and it still remains unclear whether or not the singer best known for writing about her exes has undergone breast augmentation or has opted for a push-up bra, though the deeply cut armholes on her dress didn’t look to allow for any type of support. Despite a past battle with cancer, Sheryl Crow looked to be essence of good health. Wearing a black Ralph Lauren gown with an embellished collar, Sheryl got into the country music spirit with a puffy hairstyle swept away from her face.

    As ever, Faith Hill looked every inch the country goddess in a draped white gown with a cutout that revealed just enough. Her sleek ponytail may help tighten her face as she shows no signs of plastic surgery, just amazing beauty—and maybe just a hint of Botox in the forehead?


    Connie Briton isn’t really a country star, she just plays one on TV—the popular Nashville show to be exact. Still, she managed to look the part with full wavy hair and a fitted Georges Hobeika gown which revealed her stunning décolletage. Connie looks like she could benefit from some chemical peels or laser treatment to get rid of some of the sun damage on her chest, but her skin type may not be suitable for the procedure or she may not mind the faint freckling. Her forehead isn’t smoothed by Botox like so many of her associates, which is really refreshing to see and lends her more beauty. The stars of the CMAs sparkled and shined thanks to over the top grooming and gowns and the occasional hint of plastic surgery.


    November 7, 2013 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Oscars Plastic Surgery, Award Shows by Jet H. Ross | Leave a Comment

    Heidi Montag Reveals New Breast Implants

    Some people will do anything to prolong their 15 minutes of fame. For Heidi Montag, playing the fame game including undergoing numerous plastic surgeries at once ahead of the cancellation of her reality show The Hills. Since then, Heidi has maintained a relatively low profile with her husband, Spencer Pratt. However, the pretty blond does come out of the woodwork every now and then to update the tabloids on her plastic surgery progress, which includes a very recent breast implant replacement.

    Heidi Montag first went under the knife back in 2006, for a nose job and breast augmentation. Then, she underwent more plastic surgery in 2010 for an astounding ten procedures at once, gaining headlines for weeks. The procedures included nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, botox in forehead and frown area, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thighs, buttock augmentation and breast augmentation revision.

    Since then, Heidi has said that she regrets having so much work done, as the procedures proved to be a burden on both her finances and health. She and Spencer moved away from Hollywood to live at one of his parent’s home because they couldn’t afford their own place. Her upsized breast implants ended up being an F-cup, which Heidi loved showing off in skimpy bikinis, but complained that they were too big for jogging.

    Now it seems that Heidi was serious about the problems she had from her oversized implants, which she says, “weighed about three pounds each,” comparing them to having bowling bowls on her chest. Heidi got serious about replacing her implants with a smaller size when she began having back and neck problems and even numbness in her arms.

    Early in October Heidi had her F-cups replaced with C-cups and is back on tabloid covers already, to show off her new work.

    Since her infamous ten procedures took place, Heidi has stated numerous times that she regretted having all the work done, insisting that she was completely naive about the physical, financial and emotional toll it would take.

    And it seems that Heidi missed having cameras around to follow her every move because she invited Brooke Anderson and Entertainment Tonight to film the procedure, which is for medical reasons.

    Heidi says that her husband Spencer Pratt, and the villain of the couple’s reality show The Hills, has been instrumental in her plastic surgery recovery process.

    During her plastic surgery recovery, Heidi likely used a plastic surgery recovery kit especially designed for breast augmentation recovery. Kits include everything from special bras to vitamins and scar creams to make recovery faster and easier. Kits may also include compresses that are more comfortable designed than your typical ice pack.

    Both Heidi and Spencer occasionally make appearances in the news to talk about their upcoming projects and have also appeared on celebrity reality shows in the past, opening restaurants and living in the Big Brother house.



    November 6, 2013 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Erica Hurtz | Leave a Comment