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    A woman’s buttock is cleary one of her best assets. When it comes to a buttock augmentation, a patient has a few choices including getting a silicone implant to augment the buttock, or fat grafting, or by combining fat grafting with liposuction. The third option, known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, is the subject of Make Me Heal’s interview with Dr. Scott Mosser, who believes that this procedure offers a superior look and feel compared to other traditional methods.

    Make Me Heal: Please discuss the different types of buttock augmentation procedures that are available and which of these procedures is the most common?

    Dr. Mosser: Buttock augmentation can be performed with a silicone implant material, with traditional fat grafting or with micro fat grafting that is combined with aggressive trunk liposuction (the Brazilian Butt Lift)

    Make Me Heal: Which type of buttock augmentation techniques (i.e. grafting, implant) do you use?

    Dr. Mosser: I perform almost exclusively the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

    Make Me Heal: When the fat grafting procedure is used, how is the shape of the buttock maintained when compared to the use of an implant that has a more solid shape?

    Dr. Mosser: The micro fat grafting procedure is much more natural in terms of the feel of the material and the long-term look of the shape. Since this is the patient’s own tissue, it can produce a beautiful and natural result, when performed by someone experienced in these procedures.

    Make Me Heal: Why do you prefer using fat grafting for buttock augmentation instead of an implant? What are the advantages of fat grafting?

    Dr. Mosser: With the advance of micro fat grafting, which is a painstaking procedure involving hundreds of tiny fat grafts, fat grafting is now a reliable way of ensuring a great deal of long-term volume added to the target area. Once several months have passed and the fat graft has taken, complications are almost unheard of and the volume is likely to last from years to a lifetime. Implants can have complications and an abnormal appearance much later in life.

    Make Me Heal: Please describe how a buttock augmentation via fat grafting is performed as far as incisions, anesthesia, how the fat is harvested, and other technical details. How long does it take to perform?

    Dr. Mosser: The length of the procedure depends on the time of liposuction and the amount of fat that is ‘harvested’ and subsequently grafted. Traditional tumescent liposuction is performed in all areas first, and this fat is gently washed with a physiologic saline solution. Then the fat is placed in tiny syringes and is grafted using hundreds and hundreds of passes of a tiny hollow tube through the tissues of the buttocks. This procedure can take from 3-8 hours.

    Make Me Heal: Is there a specific age range for a woman seeking a buttock augmentation, or can a woman of any age have it? Please specify if there are any ages of patients beyond which or before which one should not have a buttock augmentation?

    Dr. Mosser: There are no age restrictions for this procedure. All patients are evaluated based on the quality of their fat, existing volume, skin elasticity and buttock shape. Though some of these qualities change with age, these are really independent of their age, and a healthy person of any age can undergo this procedure. Certainly adolescents and very young adults who have not finished developing would not be candidates for body contouring surgery.

    Make Me Heal: How long do the results of a buttock augmentation via fat grafting last? Does the fat ultimately dissolve? What can a patient expect 4-5 years and then 10 years after undertaking the procedure?

    Dr. Mosser: Once the blood supply has ensured the survival of the fat graft, there is every reason to believe that the volume will last from many years to a lifetime. Of course, fat volume throughout the body changes as we mature, and this normal change must be taken into account.

    Make Me Heal: How is the recovery like from the various types of buttock augmentation procedures? What symptoms can a patient expect to have (i.e. bruising, swelling, numbness) and for how long do they persist? Is there any period of time the patient should expect to be resting and not be active or at work?

    Dr. Mosser: The patient will have some bruising and swelling throughout the buttock areas and throughout the liposuction areas for 7-14 days. Patients are encouraged to be active after the procedure, but can’t return to exercise for 21 days.

    Make Me Heal: Can a patient walk, sit, or use the bathroom easily following a buttock augmentation?

    Dr. Mosser: A patient can do all of these things, but must keep the weight off their buttocks for 7 days after surgery. Fortunately fat grafting is usually done high in the buttocks and patients can often sit more on their thighs than their buttocks depending on the type of chair they use.

    Make Me Heal: Can a buttock implant create or diminish the appearance of stretch marks?

    Dr. Mosser: Any volume in the buttocks can theoretically diminish stretch marks a bit, but these are certainly no cure for stretch marks.

    Make Me Heal: What are the risks associated with buttock augmentation via fat grafting?

    Dr. Mosser: Risks include asymmetrical contours, loss of some of the fat graft, and then rare risks that have to do with surgery in general (pain, infection, bleeding, swelling, etc.)

    Make Me Heal: Are there any scars following a buttock augmentation via fat grafting? If yes, then can they be seen to the eye?

    Dr. Mosser: The scars are only millimeters in length and usually fade to being miniscule.

    Make Me Heal: What are the average costs of performing a buttock augmentation via fat grafting?

    Dr. Mosser: This depends on the extent of liposuction necessary. Surgery is usually in the $12,000-$20,000 range including anesthesia and the operating room

    Make Me Heal: What recovery products can be used following a buttock augmentation via fat grafting to increase healing, such as compression garments, lotions, and scar creams?

    Dr. Mosser: I recommend a compression garment, arnica Montana and then beginning at 3 weeks a silicone gel cream to the healing incisions.

    Make Me Heal: How long does a patient have to avoid having sexual intercourse after a buttock augmentation procedure?

    Dr. Mosser: 3 weeks, just like all other forms of exertional activities.

    Make Me Heal: How is the future of buttock augmentation looking and are there any innovations on the horizon that can improve the aesthetic outcome of the procedure?

    Dr. Mosser: This is quickly becoming one of my most popular procedures. Old fat grafting techniques led to a loss of 70% of the fat graft, and now with advanced micro fat grafting that loss is only about 30%. More innovations in fat graft survival will improve this even further for patients who have smaller amounts of fat to work with.


    Dr. Scott Mosser, Plastic SurgeonSan Francisco Plastic Surgeon Scott W. Mosser, MD began his career in Medicine as a Fulbright Scholar to Ecuador, where he spent a year investigating the Ecuadorian healthcare system. He is a graduate of Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX) and Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH), where he completed his internship and 6 years of comprehensive general and plastic surgery training. This was followed with a year-long fellowship dedicated to San Francisco cosmetic surgery where he perfected his techniques as a facial and whole body cosmetic surgeon. And of course, Dr. Mosser is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.

    Dr. Mosser’s office is located in the historic 450 Sutter building in beautiful Union Square in San Francisco. Procedures are done in the office and at a number of institutions including California Pacific Medical Center, St. Mary’s Medical Center and Seton Medical Center in San Francisco. Dr. Mosser has dedicated himself to his patients, and strives to remain at the front of the changes and new technologies of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

    When he is not working, Dr. Mosser is a dedicated adventurer, avid world traveler, lover of the performing arts, and most of all enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

    Website: www.drmosser.com
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