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  • In what has become a billion dollar industry, balding, receding or highly placed hairlines in women are making them desperately search for a “miracle cure” to reduce their high hairlines. Some high hairlines in women are caused by extensive wearing of wigs, too-tight ponytails and corn row type hairstyles, but many are caused by genetics making it difficult to find a lasting solution. Now, a new plastic surgery procedure called Hairline Lowering has emerged that can offer permanent solution to women with high hairlines.

    Women often struggle through a maze of misinformation and worthless medicines in a quest for the best hairstyle and hair appearance – but these lotions and potions do nothing for the hairline itself.  A hairstyle that embodies beauty and charisma is almost impossible for these women to achieve due to their congenitally high hairline.  Dating back to British Queen Elizabeth 1st, women are not immune to hair loss or severely high hairlines that give the appearance of a balding or receding hairline. What is acceptable to the male population is often an embarrassment to the female population. At any age, a high forehead can give women a balding and masculine appearance.

    Enter the Hairline Lowering procedure, pioneered by Dr. Richard W. Fleming and Dr. Toby G. Mayer of the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, which has become an effective permanent solution. It is a plastic surgery procedure that brings the proportions of the face and hairline into balance, and not only restores a youthful, vibrant appearance, but confidence, as well.

    Take Myeisha for instance. Myeisha is a young 24 year old who feels like her life has changed since undergoing the Fleming and Mayer Hairline Lowering procedure.  And as her pictures show, the change is both captivating and inspiring.

    Myeisha, Hairline Lowering Plastic Surgery

    “Many women call us about hairline lowering because it continues to be an embarrassing problem for them and they feel it makes them look much older and less feminine,” says Dr. Fleming. “High hairlines affect women’s everyday self-assurance but with the hairline lowering procedure, women can now venture out with full confidence that their beautiful hair will now match the rest of their beautiful, feminine physique as is obviously the case with Myeisha.”

    When Myeisha went to Drs. Fleming and Mayer, she said she had no idea how much her self confidence would soar after surgery. So confident, that Myeisha has gone on to produce short videos about her new hairline!

    The Hairline Lowering procedure has been developed to lower the hairline and to bring the proportions of the face and hairline into a beautifying balance. The procedure can be performed at the same time as a Hairline Forehead Lift, or alone. In some instances where there is not enough elasticity in the scalp to provide adequate advancement, a Tissue Expander can be placed under the hair-bearing scalp. The Expander is slowly filled with saline water and, over time, will stretch the scalp to provide the needed advancement of the hair-bearing scalp to lower the hairline. After a few short weeks, the Tissue Expander is removed and the hairline is advanced into its new, lower position utilizing a camouflaged incision at the hairline. Hair will grow through and in front of this hairline incision. This “beveled” incision is also unique to Dr. Fleming and Dr. Mayer.

    In the case of a woman whose scalp is flexible and does not require a Tissue Expander, the doctors make the incision directly within the hairline and the scalp is advanced after mobilization of the hair bearing tissue. Hair follicles are buried under the skin closure utilizing the unique ‘beveled technique’ of Drs. Fleming and Mayer a procedure where the hair will continue to grow through and in front of the incision line.

    “Women call us from all over the world – they are amazed that there actually is a solution for their problem. Women feel a high hairline makes them look much older and less feminine,” adds Dr. Mayer. “Women like high heels, but they don’t like high foreheads.”

    About Drs. Fleming and Mayer: Dr. Fleming and Dr. Mayer are co-directors of The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and Clinical Professors and immediate past Chairmen of the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Head and Neck Surgery, at the University of Southern California School of Medicine. They are dual board certified and both are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. To obtain more information about Drs. Fleming and Mayer, go to their Web site, at www.bevhills.com