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  • World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria M.D. has given new meaning to the phrase “inner beauty”, by developing a revolutionary procedure which is the perfect combination of the body’s natural restorative powers and ground-breaking new techniques to create the Cell-Enhanced Facelift.

    “The Cell-Enhanced Facelift is a new procedure, which volumizes the face and creates a more youthful look,” Dr. Calabria explains. “This facelift not only restores the volume in the face, which has always been my goal, but it also adds regenerative cells which are beneficial to the rejuvenation process.”

    Dr. Calabria, who has practices in Beverly Hills, Palms Springs, and Italy says the process utilizes his own technique, the Vertical Facelift. First, Dr. Calabria harvests cells from the patient’s lower abdomen. This area contains rich regenerative cells, which include adult stem cells, blood vessel producing cells, and growth factor secreting cells, all of which aid in cell growth and rejuvenation. The collected tissue is then placed into a new, specialized devise with the purpose of separating the stem and regenerative cells, from the fat. After the cells are separated, they are washed and concentrated into a collection container. This amazing process can actually be completed within the timeframe of a single surgical procedure!

    Next, a syringe is used to collect the cells that are to be redelivered to the same patient. After the cells have been re-infused with the body by injecting them into the volume deprived areas of the face, the surrounding tissues guide the newly-placed cells, and facilitate a natural healing response.

    During the facelift, the regenerative cells are gently embedded with a blunt cannula into layers of the skin and under various muscles in the face. Once the fat is placed, Dr. Calabria continues with the facelift, checks for symmetry, excises the excess skin and finally, anchors the skin in a vertical direction, the defining characteristic of his trademarked Vertical Facelift.

    The Cell Enhanced Facelift as performed by Dr. Calabria represents a process whereby the hidden genetic potential of adult stem cells is actually awakened and combined with his unique surgical approach of lifting the tissues in a vertical fashion to create optimal results for patients. Human fat and other synthetic fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, are good options for creating volume in the face, however, none of them are as natural and with future anti-aging potential as the Stem Cells that are derived from the patient.  By transplanting carefully harvested autologous (your own) fat that has been cleaned and separated into stem cells, Dr. Calabria can eliminate any potential for an allergic reaction.

    It has been found that adult stem cells are a great source for producing other “hormone-like” substances that can enhance both skin quality and the underlying subcutaneous- fatty tissues of the cheeks and the mid-face.  The result is a long-term marked improvement that enhances both skin quality as well as the underlying youthful contours of the face.  As the stem cells begin to grow and propagate over time the results of the Cell Enhanced Facelift get better and better. And because there is no over filling of the face, the chances of having “pillow face” or “chipmunk cheeks” is reduced significantly.

    Although the Cell Enhanced Facelift has only been performed for about two years, Dr. Calabria is finding that it is also more cost effective for his patients as the need for them to return for filler touch ups so far has been eliminated (with the exception of lips of course.)

    “After the Cell-Enhanced Facelift, my patients exhibit a dramatic improvement not only in the underlying soft tissue contouring of the face, but the skin itself,” notes Dr. Calabria. “This new procedure utilizes the body’s regenerating properties to enhance my patients’ natural beauty, from the inside out.”

    Top 3 Questions Asked By Patients:

    Q. What is the Cell Enhanced Facelift surgery?

    A: The Cell Enhanced Facelift utilizes the regenerative stem cells present in the patient’s own fat to repair and volumize facial tissues at a cellular level.

    Q: How is the Cell Enhanced Facelift performed?

    A: The patient is placed under local or general anesthesia. As the stem cells are derived from the patient’s own fat (through liposuction or a small amount of fat taken from either the stomach or thigh areas of the patient). The fat is then placed into a container that separates the fat from the adult stem cells that are present.  The facelift is performed utilizing Dr. Calabria’s Vertical Facelift technique. Once the facelift is complete, the harvested adult stems cells are then injected into various parts of the face.

    Q: How will the patient look after surgery?

    A: The patient will look like a facelift patient after surgery. There will be swelling and bruising. The true effects of the facelift and the stem cell regeneration will be seen as healing progresses.

    About Dr. Renato Calabria M.D.

    Renato Pier Calabria, M.D., F.A.C.S is a Board Certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Dr. Calabria’s world-wide education has included graduating from the University of Padua Medical School in Padua, Italy, one of the oldest medical schools in the world. He also completed his postdoctoral training at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of California, San Diego. With practices around the world including Beverly Hills, Milan and Rome, Dr. Calabria is a leading expert in aesthetic plastic surgery. He is also part of the voluntary faculty for the Department of Plastic Surgery at USC where he helps train and teach the next generation of surgeons, including teaching his own techniques such as the “One Stitch Facelift,” and the “Vertical Facelift.”

    For more information, go to www.drcalabria.com

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