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  • Maybe you’re not overweight. You eat healthy, you’re in shape, and you don’t have love handles spilling out over your size 2 jeans. So why would you dread getting dressed? Because when you snap on your bra, all of a sudden there are two unsightly rolls of flab above and below that blasted elastic band. You’ve tried different bra sizes, and you’ve upped your workout regimen, but nothing seems to work.

    If this situation seems personal, it’s because lots of women may find that nothing they do quite eliminates the back bulge that appears around the bra line. Well, there may be a new plastic surgery alternative. A back lift procedure to eliminate these rolls may be a suitable option for some women who can’t beat the bulge on their own.

    Braline Results

    What is the bra line back lift?

    The bra line back lift is a procedure designed to remove unwanted folds of skin on your back. While you, the patient, are under general anesthesia, your plastic surgeon would make incisions along the bra line, dispose of excess skin, and reconnect the surrounding tissue. The surgery itself takes about an hour, and costs between $7000 and $10,000.

    Dramatic Results

    Is the bra line back lift right for you?

    If you’re looking to get rid of excessive amounts of back fat, the bra line back lift may not be your best bet. This back lift doesn’t dispose of fat as much as it eliminates the folds that fat leaves behind. So if you’ve lost a lot of weight, either naturally or through weight loss surgery, the bra line back lift may be ideal for you.

    Other optimum candidates include reasonably fit women with sagging skin caused by age or sun exposure. Men can receive the surgery as well, although the bra line aspect ceases to be relevant in that case.

    Backlift with Clothes

    Benefits of the Back Lift

    The biggest perk of the bra line back lift is that scarring is hidden beneath your bra or bikini. Before surgery, your doctor would ask you to sport a skimpy bra or bikini in order to accurately judge where to make the incision. The cut itself is very precise and should be easy to conceal when healed.

    The contour and smoothness of the upper back lift are also much improved after the surgery. The back lift isn’t only meant to remove folds, but also to rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

    The results of the back lift are immediate, and patients can return to wearing a bra within a week. Exercise or vigorous physical activity can be resumed after two weeks. Most women had minimal complications with the surgery and were happy with results.

    And of course, an advantage of the bra line back lift – say good-bye to the bulge! Whether you’re showing off your new swim suit or trying out that tight top, those unsightly folds won’t be poking out from over and under your bra. Your form fitting tops and dresses can come out of hiding at last!

    Risks and Downsides

    There is some risk of bleeding and infection with the bra line back lift. In some cases, the treated area may need to be drained to reduce swelling and remove fluids.

    The surgery is of course considered elective, so it will likely not be covered by your insurance.

    Abdominal and arm movement may be restricted, and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least two weeks after the operation. Baths, swimming, and other full submersion should also be avoided, although showering is okay after 24 hours.

    Where can I get the bra line back lift?

    Although back lifts are a very common operation, the bra line back lift is still something of a novelty and has not been performed as frequently. Because of this, patients should choose their surgeon carefully.

    Joseph P. Hunstad, president of the Hunstad Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery PA in Charlotte, NC, is a pioneer in the bra line back lift. To learn more about his practice, you can visit www.hunstadcenter.com. The bra line back lift is also frequently performed at Advanced Aesthetic Associates in Phoenix, AZ.

    The surgery will likely be more widely performed in the future, so you can consult your doctor or plastic surgeon to discuss potential availability in your area.

    Back to the Basics

    So, if you’re insecure about the lumps that show above and below your bra, you may want to think about the bra line back lift. It’s a good option for some, and it could be for you.