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  • The virtues of breast implants have been widely discussed in both words and pictures, with breast augmentation patients often citing not only an improved physical appearance, but also a greater self-confidence and body image, better love prospects and more marketability in the job market. But virtually no attention has been given to a common problem that plagues a wide number of plastic surgery patients who undergo breast augmentations. In a poll conducted by Make Me Heal (www.makemeheal.com), 45% of breast augmentation patients admitted that they wished they got bigger breasts than the size they ended up with following surgery, while 14% wanted smaller implants than the actual size they got. Of the respondents, 41% said the breast size they received was the one they wanted.

    Speaking about the problem of getting the right size breast implants, one patient nicknamed domesticgoddess wrote on the Make Me Heal message boards, I have moderate profiles and I wish I would have pushed for the high profiles in a larger cc volume. I thought I wanted that natural look but now I just want that perky upper pole fullness without having to wear a bra.

    A second patient with a username “connies said, I went from a b to a double dd and now I am used to them. After 9 weeks I think I could have gone bigger!

    The problem of patients getting their breasts augmented to a size that they wished was bigger or smaller stems from the very fact that one cannot actually measure accurately the breast size they want to be. Moreover, breast implants are not like clothing, as one cannot actually “try on” an implant before deciding which size to get. While doctors will do everything to help patients better communicate the breast size they want by having patients bring in photos of women with breasts they desire, using digital imaging software to show patients the size they can be, or by having the patient put bags of rice in their bras at home, these methods do not lead to an accurate determination of what breast size the patient actually desires. As a result of these rough methods, women often find themselves getting breast implants that are smaller than the size they wanted. The only way to rectify this problem is to go under the knife a second time, remove the existing implants, and have bigger implants re-inserted. But the idea of having to get plastic surgery again is not appealing to most patients, who settle for their new breast size, despite it not being the ideal one they wanted.

    Breast Implant Sizer Helps Women Get The Breast Size & Look They Desire

    Breast Implants SizerBut there is hope apparently for women about to undergo a breast augmentation. In light of so many women with breast implants ending up having breasts that are not the size they wanted, Make Me Heal began offering this month the Breast Implants Sizer, a simple, yet powerful tool that enables women seeking to get breast implants to better visualize the breast size that they desire and to determine more accurately how many cubic centimeters (also known as “cc’s”, which are the measurement of implants) their implants should be. As over 50% of women today who have breast augmentations either have difficulty in figuring out exactly the size they should be or after having surgery wish they chose a different size than they got, Make Me Heal’s Breast Implant Sizer helps ensure that a woman will be able to get the right size that she desires with no regrets.

    The Breast Implant Sizer comes with two implants that are filled by a syringe with water. The syringe has millimeter measurements, and 1 millimeter is equal to 1 cubic centimeter (this is the measurement used for determining breast implant size). As one fills the implant with the syringe multiple times, the patient simply needs to write down on paper how many cc’s one is adding each time. When a desired size is achieved, the implant is inserted inside the bra and the patient is able to visualize how the implant fits. The patient can walk around with the implant all day and get a more accurate visualization of how they would look and feel at that size. As the implant can go up to 600 cc’s, one can adjust the implant to visualize their new look in different sizes.

    See the Breast Implants Sizer.

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