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  • By Jhen Kordela

    Maybe it’s the promises. (A beauty breakthrough in plastic surgery. Lose three to four inches in just two weeks.) Maybe it’s the no’s. (No needles, no surgery, no pain, no downtime.) Or, maybe it’s all the the sparkle and shine that’s generating oh-so-much buzz about the brand new laser fat-loss procedure Zerona.

    Zerona is what some doctors consider the Holy Grail of the plastic surgery industry. A sacred object that’s said to possess miraculous powers. Powers that can achieve fat loss from troublesome areas, such as your waist, hips and thighs. Miraculous results without the risks typically linked to more invasive procedures.

    Zerona, Plastic Surgery

    Unlike the Holy Grail, Zerona does not have a history that dates back very far. It’s been used in studies since 2008 and first introduced into practices at the start of 2009. So, if you’re weighing your future beauty options, here’s five things to think about – one for each laser that beams down onto your body from the medieval-looking contraption, called Zerona.

    Treatment. According to myzerona.com, Zerona is “unlike invasive weight loss surgery.” That’s because it’s applied externally (no knives, nips or tucks), by low-light lasers that reportedly signal your body’s fat cells to shrink. The fatty content from those cells is released to the space between the cells, then absorbed by the lymphatic system. That’s in contrast to liposuction, which removes the entire area of fat cells, using a tube and vacuum.

    There are many clients out there who say Zerona works. Numerous testimonials, on plastic surgeon Web sites praise the product.

    One client cited Zerona and Dr. Stephanie M. King for her weight loss progress: “I’m now having to buy new clothes and alter ones I just recently bought because I keep losing inches,” said Veronica, whose last name was not provided. “I highly recommend this program to anyone who can’t lose weight.”

    Effectiveness. You’ve probably heard of Zerona working wonders from stories in print and aired on various news outlets, as well as TV shows: CBS, FOX News Channel, “Extra,” “The Doctors” and “Rachel Ray,” to name a few.

    Despite all the buzz though, Orange County, Ca. Plastic Surgean Dr. John Di Saia is not yet convinced.

    Zerona is looking like a gimmick procedure thus far,” said Dr. Di Saia.

    According to Di Saia, certain statistics are stacked against the new procedure. He cited favorable ratings as low as 22 percent.

    Zerona, Plastic Surgery

    “I admit that I am a traditionalist in the sense that I do not try new things until there is some objective evidence that they work,” Dr. Di Saia said. “I will be unlikely to try Zerona for that reason.”

    Time. Most doctors quote a two-week treatment, which spans over approximately six sessions, every other day. The sessions are expected to last 40 minutes. You’ll probably spend 20 minutes on your back, 20 minutes on your belly. Some patients have reported results immediately.

    How long will results last? That’s still a matter of discussion. It’s also dependent upon your lifestyle. During treatment, you’re expected to eat healthy, drink water frequently, and exercise regularly. You’re also supposed to abstain from alcohol and caffeine. Anyone who adheres to this regimen would likely experience weight loss anyway, leading one to wonder if it’s Zerona or the lifestyle that lead to the slimming effects. Zerona fans claim it’s a combination of both.

    Cost. It’s estimated to cost $2,000 to $3,000. Some doctors are so confident Zerona will work, they offer credits toward liposuction or other procedures for unsatisfied patients.

    Other dorctors though, such as New York Plastic Surgean Dr. Jennifer Walden, said treatment time isn’t all you should expect.

    “A diet and exercise regimen must be strictly adhered to during and after treatments for fat loss to occur and persist,” said Dr. Walden. “This is often difficult for the particular patient population who is trying to get rid of fat in a treatment or procedure and had trouble with losing it with diet and exercise in the first place.”

    Risks. Myzerona.com promises a revolutionary method that provides results, without the dangers associated with surgery. Doctors tend to agree on this one.

    “The low level laser therapy to reduce fat includes no incisions, no downtime, and it’s painless,” said Dr. Walden.

    But, you know the saying: no pain, no gain.

    “Although this procedure seems low risk, my patients do actually expect treatments I offer to work,” said Dr. Di Saia.

    Among all the hype, all the excitement, all the promises, there’s still a plethora of information out there to be considered — and much that still needs to be discovered. It is important to get numerous professional opinions when considering a new treatment, such as Zerona, or speak to a doctor you can trust.



    6 Comments so far

    1. Barbara Kroner on February 21, 2010 2:25 pm

      I just completed treatment with the Zerona Laser. I was considered quite “successful” as I lost a total of 7 inches (total body). However, I was less than pleased with the results. I needed to lose inches primarily around my middle. I hardly lost any in that area. While my pants fit a little better, nobody, including me, can see much of a difference in the way I look. It cost me $2500 for very meager results. If I had to do it over again I wouldn’t! Don’t waste your money like I did!

    2. New York liposuctions on February 24, 2010 12:01 am

      SmartLipo and traditional liposuction are still the standard of care. We have now performed well over 100 SmartLipo cases and the SmartLipo procedure really does have much shorter downtime than traditional liposuction. There is much less bleeding which leads to less bruising and swelling. The lower cost and safety of the SmartLipo procedure also make it very attractive. A study presented at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery last year showed that SmartLipo produced about twice as much tightening when compared to traditional liposuction. The SmartLipo procedure will take slightly longer to do and is best for those with body masses indexes below about 30. Overall, given two good surgeons that perform the procedures well, the final results of SmartLipo and traditional lipo are about equal but the SmartLipo will cost a bit less and achieve faster results.

    3. David On Behalf Of Zerona on March 1, 2010 5:16 pm

      Thank you for bringing the ZERONA laser up for discussion and for giving people the opportunity to learn about the technology. As Jhen said, low level laser technology is non-invasive and, unlike ultrasound procedures, does not kill any of the body’s cells. Because the laser causes the patient to process fat through the lymphatic system, people with any type of thyroid condition or diabetes may not have as successful of results. It is important that those considering ZERONA consult their doctor concerning any preconditions. Also, numerous social media sites rate and discuss the ZERONA laser, with an overwhelming majority experiencing positive results. We are currently in the process of developing two new websites which will further focus on testimonials and provide a platform which will allow people to discuss their personal stories with body slimming. If there are further concerns or questions, we encourage you to contact us directly at feedback@sbmi.com. Thanks!

    4. Dr SIbia on March 14, 2011 9:10 am

      We are providing Zerona facility in Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana, India since 2010 and the result is truely amazing. It has to be seen to be believed. Unlike other methods like starvation diet, strenous exercises, various vibrators, massagers and heaters, Zerona actually dissipates the fat and not the water and muscles. Hence it is the healthy way to slim. Also Zerona increases the energy level of the patients unlike the other methods that drain the energy.

    5. Brooke on September 18, 2011 3:27 pm

      I purchased 15 zerona sessions costing $200 session. I lost 3.75 inches but that was from head to toe. Please save your money or choose a different treatment/method. This not work.

    6. Beverly Perry on October 29, 2011 7:44 pm

      I experienced low grade fevers and flu like symptoms after every treatment (I did 8 weeks of treatments spread out over 4 months) Other patients have told me the same. I lost a lot of inches. It was very dramatic, above average loss. I went from a size 12 to a size 8. I am wondering if the high rate of fat flushing through my lymphatic system caused the fevers. It is interesting that others have told me they felt a little achey and flu-ish as well.

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