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  • Vladimir Putin has had a troubling year!  In between the stress of hosting the Sochi Winter Olympics and invading Ukraine, Russia’s grey cardinal just hasn’t been looking quite so fresh!  In a recent press conference where he addressed the Malaysia Airlines tragedy, the Russian Prime Minister shocked everyone with his haggard old man appearance.  Looking wrinkled beyond his 61 years of age, with bags under his eyes, many people wondered if Putin had slept in weeks.

    Fortunately for the hawkish Putin, plastic surgery always seems to be an option.  Make Me Heal has suspected Putin of going under the knife in the past.  Back in 2011, Putin appeared at his presidential nomination event with his skin looking mysteriously smooth and taut, visibly free of wrinkles and eye-bags.  Putin’s entire face was so distorted, in fact, that it looked like he was wearing a plastic mask!

    Russia’s New Times Magazine was even forced to speculate about all of the work he’s had done in an article titled “What has happened with Putin’s face?”

    Make Me Heal suspects that Vladimir Putin is a habitual Botox addict.  Putin has showed up in various public meetings sporting massive black-and-yellow bruising around his eyes.  This is a telltale sign of Botox overuse.  In addition, Putin may have undergone a blepharoplasty eyelid lift and a possible facelift that have left him all but incapable of laughing, crying or making any sort of facial expressions at all.

    Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn agrees.  He theorizes: “I previously suspected a possible eyelid lift and necklift.”

    More recently, Putin stepped out in front of the limelight without his trademark crow’s feet around his eyes.  It appears that Putin follows a plastic surgery pattern: Whenever he is feeling and looking stressed out, he quickly follows up with more plastic surgery.

    Unfortunately for Putin, while his numerous plastic surgeries have left him without wrinkles and eyebags, going under the knife has given him an odd appearance.  Too much Botox and too extreme of a facelift, combined with possible overuse of cheek fillers, have left him with an androgynous, womanly appearance.  It’s not unusual for male Botox addicts to gain a more feminized appearance.   Mickey Rourke and Bruce Jenner are two other 50+ male celebrities who’ve overdone the Botox and ended up looking a bit more girly.

    While Make Me Heal recommends that Putin slow it down with the Botox, should the Russian leader continue his addiction, he should allow some time for recovery.  Before stepping out into the Botox spotlight, Putin should consider using a filler recovery product such as VitaMedica Arnica Montana Injectables/Fillers Blister Pack.  By taking just three tablets per day, three times per day, Putin could drastically reduce the post-treatment swelling that has plagued him in the past.

    Putin’s penchant for going shirtless and sucking in his gut in public has also led many to wonder if this plastic surgery aficionado is considering a tummy tuck or possible liposuction.

    While Putin has shown a love of non-invasive plastic surgery, no evidence yet exists that he’s had any form of weight-loss plastic surgery yet.  Should Putin, however, decide to drop a few lean, mean pounds, he might consider using a non-plastic surgery option such as a male shapewear garment like Men’s Belly Buster Abdominal Binder.  Such a garment provides maximum compression in the midsection reason, eliminating love handles and supporting your back.