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  • What can you say about man-boobs? On one hand, you’ve got boobs. Everybody likes boobs, right? And big ones are especially popular. But when you add ‘man’ to the boob equation, your mental image suddenly changes from sensual to, “Um, ew.” How strange that one of the most coveted features of the female form is one of the most unattractive attributes a man can have. Nonetheless, it’s undeniable that having man-boobs, or gynecomastia, is not a look that works. Which is probably why more and more men are choosing to have plastic surgery to reduce their gynecomastia, or male breast reduction.

    Male breast reduction was the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure in Britain last year, and according to recent studies, almost forty percent of men suffer from gynecomastia. The number of breast reductions performed in the U.S. in 2009 (17,000) was a 50% increase since 1997. So don’t feel bad if you have to go shopping for a manssierre, because you’re certainly not alone. And there are solutions.

    Male Breast

    Why do man-boobs exist?

    Good question. In most cases, obesity is certainly a contributing factor. But what makes some men carry their extra weight in their breasts? In some cases, it’s as simple as an imbalance of estrogen or testosterone. Sometimes, it’s a matter of heredity or disease. Certain drugs, including anti-depressants, steroids, or even marijuana can also cause men to need a ‘bro’ or a ‘manssierre.’

    Male Bra

    It’s important to note that there’s a distinction between man-boobs and gynecomastia. Although gynecomastia is almost always manifested as man-boobs, sometimes men just carry fat on their chests that diet or exercise could eliminate. This is known as pseudogynecomastia.

    Although neither pseudogynecomastia nor gynecomastia is serious medical conditions, both can be painful for men emotionally and physically. And sometimes, improving eating habits and working out isn’t enough for a guy to bid adieu to his uncomely curves.

    How can I get rid of my male ta-tas?

    Male Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia, Plastic Surgery

    Male breast reduction usually involves surgery, liposuction, or both. Surgery is usually best if the cause of gynecomastia is suspicious, such as a possible tumor, or if excessive glandular tissue is the origin. Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with surgery in these cases, or on its own if gynecomastia is a result of fatty tissue.

    With surgery, incisions are made around the nipple area or under the armpit, and tissue is removed with a scalpel. Liposuction involves the insertion of a hollow tube which then is used to vacuum out the excess fat.

    Male Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia, Plastic Surgery

    With either the surgical or lipo route, breast reductions for gynecomastia is most often an outpatient procedures. The surgery or liposuction itself will take around an hour and a half, but depending on the severity of the man-boob problem, the operation may take longer. Male breast reduction can be performed under local anesthetic or general anesthesia, depending again on the severity of the issue and the method of gynecomastia removal.

    So what if I’m just overweight?

    Male breast reduction is not meant as a quick-fix for men with serious weight issues. The best candidates for surgery or liposuction to resolve gynecomastia are not obese, nor are their man-boobs continuing to grow. Also, it’s important for the patient’s satisfaction that he consider how his body will react – if a man’s skin lacks elasticity, his man-boobs may disappear only to leave loose saggy skin in their wake.

    Teens, often sufferers of gynecomastia because of hormone fluctuations during puberty, should only consider surgical solutions if their man-boobs have been around for at least two years. Otherwise, guys, you’ve got to chock it up to your changing body, and hope the man-boobs go away when your voice stops cracking.

    If you’re obese, gynecomastia surgery or lipo is probably not a good idea unless you’ve first attempted to lose the weight on your bust-line naturally. Also, if prescription or recreational drug us (read: marijuana)  could be causing your gynecomastia, you probably need to lay off the pills or the ganja before you go under the knife.

    What side effects could affect me?

    There are, as with any procedure, risks associate with male breast reduction. Scarring, swelling, bruising, infection, changes in breast or nipple sensation, contour and shape irregularities, asymmetry, pain, loose skin, or wrinkling. Other, more serious issues such as blood clots or deep vein thrombosis are rarer, but possible risks.

    Additional surgery may be needed or desired by the patient in order to tighten, reposition, or realign the breasts.

    Even though you may be eager to re-enter the sexual arena once your man-boobs have gone bye-bye, you should refrain from sex for at least two weeks, and exercise is a no-no for three weeks post-op. All normal activities should resume (or improve – bada boom, bada bing!) after about a month.

    Can I afford it?

    Probably. The average cost is a little over $3,000.  In some cases, insurance will pay for gynecomastia since it is a legitimate medical condition and not simply an aesthetic issue.

    Learn More

    Learn more by going to the Gynecomastia Channel on Makemeheal.com.



    4 Comments so far

    1. Xenadrine Reviews on April 13, 2011 4:49 am

      It’s pretty funny to see men who are too booby. I think they should consider this kind of surgery.

    2. Patrick on August 27, 2015 10:40 am

      Gynecomastia is not funny at all! I’ve had to deal with feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment for the past twenty years or so because of my gynecomastia. I contacted a surgeon and was told the increased breast size was due to an increased amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue underneath my nipples. Essentially, he told me I had too many fat cells behind my nipples giving them the appearance of small breasts. And I’m 5′ 9″ and weigh 180#; so I don’t consider myself overweight or having too much fat for that to happen to me. 

      I started to research and found something that so far seems very promising without having to go under the knife. I’m taking a natural supplement twice a day. It’s an aromatase inhibitor with a few other ingredients that together seemed to have helped me reduce the size of my gynecomastia. I’ve been taking them for two months and so far I’m happy with the results. 

      Surgery seems to be the route a lot of people go but for me the price tag was to high, so I opted for the natural route. Just do a search for aromatase inhibitors and pick one. Mine also has Luteolin, zinc orotate, diim and calcium d-glucorate which help boost testosterone naturally and reduce estrogen (the culprit responsible for depositing the fat cells behind my nipples, according to the surgeon I consulted). I finally feel comfortable with the idea of taking my shirt of at the beach and it’s a great feeling.

    3. Patrick on August 27, 2015 10:43 am

      The one I take, in case anyone wants to know, is estroban. But I guess any of the other supplements might work as well.

    4. Male Breast Reduction on April 12, 2016 3:31 pm

      Male Breast Augmentation in Miami is more affordable

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