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  • It’s hard to come by a respectable solution for hair loss. Toupees and hair transplants alike are often obvious, and this puts balding people in a tough spot. Going bald prematurely is considered a social disadvantage, but so is wearing a ‘piece’ or having a bad hair transplant.

    From George’s terrible toupee in Seinfeld to Tobias’s bloody mess of a head in Arrested Development, bad balding solutions are universally scorned (and kind of comical). But, there may be a new plastic surgery solution for hair loss. NeoGraft is an automated device that assists in the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method of transplantation. Unlike the bloodier, more invasive FUT (follicular unit transplantation, or strip) method, FUE is a minor procedure that results in a more natural appearance.

    FUE vs. FUT

    Fue Strip, NeoGraft

    The strip method, or FUT, involves surgically removing a section of the patient’s scalp, stitching together the wound, dividing that section into smaller, separate grafts, creating a new hairline on the patient, and then placing the grafts onto the hairline site. While the FUT technique is still the most commonly used, it is an invasive and sometimes painful procedure.

    FUT also limits the way a patient’s activities in the short term, and can affect the way a patient wears his or her hair in the long term, as FUT leaves an unsightly scar on the back of the head. Nonetheless, because the FUE method is tedious and costly to perform manually, many doctors only offer FUT.

    Neograft Results

    FUE is a non-invasive procedure with several advantages for the patient. With FUE, each graft from the patient’s donor area is selected individually and placed in the new hairline area. The FUE method promises less bleeding and fewer complications than FUT, and is performed using local anesthetic and no IV sedation. As mentioned, while FUT can leave an unsightly scar, FUE involves no scarring. FUE also has minimal risk of nerve or blood vessel damage. Sometimes with FUT, the patient’s scalp will feel overly tight, or continue to be numb permanently in the donor area.

    FUE with NeoGraft


    FUE is generally a safe procedure, but is not widely available because of the difficulty of extracting and replacing singular hairs. Also, the risk of damage to individual follicles is greater with FUE than with FUT and it’s challenging for doctors to learn the FUE method.

    Hairt Treament, NeoGraft

    NeoGraft facilitates the FUE method for doctors and patients alike. NeoGraft is an automated device that enables doctors to perform a FUE transplant in the same time it would take to do a FUT procedure, and at a lowered cost. Moreover, NeoGraft is a ‘no touch’ technology – the machine both extracts and replaces the selected follicles. In this way, NeoGraft protects the follicles from damage they might otherwise incur.

    Hair Results, NeoGraft

    NeoGraft was developed to assist doctors in the FUE procedure and hopefully, to make the FUE hair transplant method more widely available. Grafts extracted using NeoGraft are well-preserved, unlike the grafts from the strip method, which are often exposed to hot lights.

    Fue Resulst, NeoGraft

    Is NeoGraft right for you?

    NeoGraft makes FUE an option for almost all patients, male or female, considering hair transplants. Since FUE is less invasive and more effective than the strip method, it’s obviously a preferable choice for hair transplant candidates. But since FUE is still relatively unpopular in the medical realm, it may be challenging for a patient to find the right surgeon.

    Fue Donor Area, NeoGraft

    Hairline results and the natural, real look of your hair transplant depend on the capabilities of your doctor, and can’t solely be achieved using NeoGraft or any other technology. You should be careful to investigate the previous results a physician has achieved in hair transplantation before you decide to undergo a permanent hair transplant.

    Learn More about NeoGraft

    Learn more by going to the Hair Transplant Channel on Makemeheal.com.

    You can visit the NeoGraft website for more information on Neograft’s availability and cost.



    1 Comment so far

    1. Dr. Alan Bauman on January 14, 2013 4:04 am

      Chelsea, I enjoyed your article on the NeoGraft FUE hair transplantation procedures we have been providing at Bauman Medical Group since 2008. Thank you for including the photos of three of our Bauman Medical NeoGraft FUE patients from Boca Raton. As you probably know, stylist/salon owner Bobby Jr. was featured nationally on ABC News with his FUE hair transplant and Greg Benson had his NeoGraft procedure performed LIVE during our live surgery webcast.
      Having worked with manual FUE instruments for hair transplants since 2001, I can tell you that NeoGraft is certainly a major improvement in efficiency and accuracy when it comes to harvesting the grafts. Unfortunately, now that many non full-time specialists in hair transplant are using NeoGraft, I’m seeing quite a bit of work that is need of repair. What seems to be commonly overlooked by many new or part-time surgeons is artistry in the hairline design and hair direction. Thankfully most of these cases can usually be repaired, but it does require time and expense for the patient undergoing the repair. Readers of makemeheal.com should realize that many cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons and dermatologists may have excellent reputations and results in other procedures, but hair transplantation requires quite a more specialized surgical team and a different skill set. There is a major difference between the skills of those who perform hair transplantation every day versus those that perform the procedure once a month or less. MakeMeHeal readers should do their research and due diligence when choosing a NeoGraft FUE surgeon and focus on certifications (ABHRS), affiliations (ISHRS, IAHRS, etc.) and look closely at hairline photos and how many cases they have performed. Thank you again for featuring Bobby Jr, Greg Benson and our other patients in your story.
      Alan J. Bauman, M.D.
      Bauman Medical Group
      Boca Raton, FL

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