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  • Everyone wants to have smooth, youthful skin. And with new rejuvenating technologies popping up on the plastic surgery market, tighter, younger skin is certainly within reach for many men and women. 3DEEP is one new method of fighting the effects of aging. Using radiofrequency (RF), 3DEEP sends energy deep into the skin to target collagen fibers and stimulate collagen production.

    3DEEP Diagram

    Why 3DEEP?

    3DEEP Results

    If you’re unsatisfied when you look in the mirror because of wrinkles, loose skin, or fine lines, you probably want to know more about 3DEEP. It’s one of many more ‘natural’ solutions to aging that are emerging today. Providing visible lift, increased elasticity, and a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, 3DEEP offers long lasting results.

    3DEEP is an innovative development in the field of energy based anti-aging treatments. The EndyMed PRO technology used for 3DEEP procedures is able to penetrate deeper than laser and promises to be more consistent than other RF systems. 3DEEP also offers minimal discomfort – citing that some RF procedures can be extremely painful.

    3DEEP Results

    Control is another important element of the 3DEEP system. Your physician will be able to focus the energy very effectively and can hence target collagen fibers deep beneath your skin. The heat from the RF energy causes the skin to tighten and refresh. Collagen production continues well after the procedures, so results keep improving. Increased blood flow, fat breakdown, and fluid drainage are additional benefits of the 3DEEP system.


    The concentrated energy component of 3DEEP prevents overheating on the surface level. 3DEEP is FDA approved and has minimal side effects. Also, all skin types and colors can safely use 3DEEP.

    3DEEP Results

    Treatment and Recovery

    3DEEP is ideal for sagging jowls, fine lines around the mouth or eyes, loose skin under the arm or post natal drooping in the abdominal region.

    Patients can immediately resume their day after treatment. There may be minor residual redness after the treatment, but it should fade within a couple hours. There is no downtime associated with 3DEEP. Most patients will need 3-4 treatments.