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  • Do you hate wearing bras? Do you hate how uncomfortable underwire can be after a long day? How the straps always slip off? How the back clasp cuts into your skin? How you never really feel supported?

    There is a possible new plastic surgery solution to the hassle of the daily bra – instead of wearing your support on the outside, you could wear it on the inside.

    The internal bra is an exciting new possibility that’s developing in a few different ways. And it’s not just for women who hate their bras – it’s also a potential alternative or supplement to implants. Designed to reshape and lift the breast for a younger, perkier look, the internal bra is an innovative new way for women to get support.

    The Breform Internal Bra System

    Breform Internal Bra

    Breform is one manufacturer of the mesh, cup shaped internal bra. Breform is constructed from a polyester mesh that is supportive, but also soft enough to not be noticed. Usually, Breform is used as part of a breast lift or breast reduction surgery, although it can be done as an individual procedure.

    An incision is made either surrounding the areola or below the nipple, and the Breform implant is inserted into the fatty layer of the breast. The mesh ‘bra’ is then secured with sutures to the breast muscle and the chest.

    Breform Internal Bra Procedure

    Breform comes in 5 preset sizes that are somewhat parallel to actual cup sizes – and each size can also be altered slightly to fit a patient’s specific needs.

    Breform Internal Bra

    Is Breform for you?

    Although Breform can be performed as a stand-alone operation, you’re more likely a candidate for this internal bra system if you’re also undergoing a breast lift, breast reduction, or breast reconstruction. The surgery is done under a general anesthetic. Often, the Breform can be used to help shape a reformed breast following a mastectomy or other non-elective surgeries.

    For women with very large breasts, i.e. over a D-cup, the Breform may not offer significant support. It is ideal for women with somewhat saggy or droopy breasts due to factors like age, weight changes, or pregnancy. Women who want to get the internal bra should be able to maintain a consistent weight and should not plan on getting pregnant after the surgery.

    Breform Internal Bra

    The Breform is currently only approved in Europe, but has had positive results, and is growing in popularity.

    Downtime and Side Effects

    A special stabilizing bra should be worn for 6-8 weeks after treatment. Other side effects that are associated with breast lifts, etc. may also be present.

    Although long term studies have not been done, it seems that the Breform eliminates the need for future surgeries to correct further sagging. Scarring also seems to be reduced by the extra support provided by Breform – the healing process is facilitated.

    The Cup & Up Internal Bra

    Breform Internal Bra

    The Cup & Up internal bra is distinctly different from the Breform. Although the end goals are similar – prevent sagging, provide extra lift – the Cup & Up is more of a substitute rather than a supplement to other breast enhancement procedures.

    The Cup & Up still doesn’t promise an end to the traditional bra or the traditional ‘boob job,’ but the inventors of the technology do claim it offers all the advantages and none of the downsides of breast implants. In addition, like the Breform, Cup & Up boasts a lifetime duration.

    Breform Internal Bra

    While the Breform is targeted more at maintaining the shape and lift of another breast surgery, the Cup & Up creators really want women to be able to go braless. Ideally, unless a woman is participating in an activity where extra would already be needed, recipients of the Cup & Up implant could say bye-bye to bras.

    The Cup & Up resembles a harness, and is inserted under the skin with only a local anesthetic, and supposedly can be performed within a day. Patients can return to work after a few days.

    How does it work?

    Similar in shape to an actual bra, the Cup & up is designed to lift and hold your breasts exactly where you want them. The device itself is made of the same silicone used for actual implants.

    Your plastic surgeon would make two tiny incisions under each breast. Then, after the silicone cups are inserted, two strong, thin straps are fit to each implant to hold the ‘bra’ in place. The straps are screwed into the ribs between the breast and shoulder. Everything is tightened for a perfect look.

    Like with Breform, the Cup & Up is probably best for women who suffer from mild to moderate droopiness. It aims to rejuvenate women’s bosoms, giving once-saggy breasts a more youthful appearance.

    Trials are being conducted in Europe in order to get licensing and approval there. The surgery is not currently being tested for FDA approval.

    It’s What Inside that Counts

    In a world where technologies of all varieties are rapidly developing, it’s no surprise that women may be able to wear their bras ‘on the inside’ soon. And this new procedure may be valuable for many women. Whether you just hate your bra, or you can’t get adequate support, or you need some serious reshaping, devices like Breform and Cup & Up may be right for you.

    Once approved, the internal bra could give drooping breasts an uplifting fresh start. Hopefully, it won’t be long.



    4 Comments so far

    1. Maria on September 10, 2010 10:29 am

      From beautiful Canada I am ready to have the Cup & Up were can I get it done? How much would it cost?-

    2. Mary on May 26, 2011 3:19 pm

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    3. Cortnee on July 1, 2011 6:52 am

      Uhmmm, Mary– that didn’t make much sense !

    4. Suzanne on April 9, 2015 10:30 am

      Typically atrocious translation probably.

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