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  • Vampires are hot right now. Well, technically, they’re always cold, since they’re dead and they never go out in the sun, but in the sense that ‘hot’ means ‘popular,’ vampires are it. What does that have to do with plastic surgery? It depends.

    If you’re really REALLY into vampires, maybe you’ve stopped exposing your skin to light and you’re getting BOTOX to enhance your jaw line or cheekbones. Maybe you’ve lost weight and stopped washing your hair so you look more like Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart. Or maybe you’ve even gone so far as to get fangs surgically implanted where your eye teeth should be. If it sounds weird, that’s because it is. But there you go.

    However, if you’re no longer a stupid teenager and you’re not that into vampires as a cultural or physical phenomenon, it’s okay. There might still be a way that the vampire/plastic surgery combination can help you out. It’s called the vampire facelift, and while it won’t turn you into a fair-faced, red-lipped nocturnal monster, it will make you look a few years younger. We’re not talking looking like a 17 year old when your real age is 108 like Edward Cullen, so don’t get your hopes up. But the vampire facelift is a promising new natural method of shaving some years off your age with relatively few side effects.

    What is a vampire facelift and is it as scary as it sounds?

    A vampire facelift is objectively far less scary than a real facelift. While typical facelifts require a lot of cutting and pulling of your facial skin (and might turn you into a Joan Rivers doppelganger), the vampire facelift is actually a procedure wherein your own blood is injected into the problem areas to ‘heal’ wrinkles and fine lines.

    Does this seem almost as weird as permanent fangs? Maybe the procedure sounds a little bizarre at first, but the results are actually very natural and normal. How does your own blood possible make your face look better? By using an FDA approved system called Selphyl, which helps physicians extract and purify a patient’s own blood.

    Still sounds kinda freaky? Don’t worry. Your plastic surgeon would only have to draw a few small vials of blood, and the purified liquid that’s injected back into your face is more amber than red, so it hardly even resembles your own fluids. And you don’t have to be concerned about complications with synthetic fillers like Restylane or Juvederm, because Selphyl is all you. After the blood is injected into the area to be treated, it stimulates the skin to produce new cells and collagen. This process rejuvenates your skin’s appearance, essentially ‘healing’ your wrinkles and other imperfections.

    Why should I get a facelift that sounds like a horror movie instead of a normal one?

    There are a couple reasons. Although Selphyl is pricy in comparison to synthetic fillers like Restylane, it’s not really that expensive compared to a traditional facelift, and there’s a lot less downtime.

    Also, the vampire facelift is longer lasting than traditional fillers. Like any plastic surgery procedure (even a facelift), Selphyl can’t promise permanent results, but some patients have reported results lasting well over two years.

    The vampire facelift doesn’t offer immediate transformation. It’s a little slower, and changes might not appear until at least a week after treatment. Collagen production takes time, and although Selphyl accelerates the process, it still usually takes a few weeks to fully develop the desired result.

    The side effects of the vampire facelift are also less frightening than those of the traditional procedure. Unless you turn into a vampire, which is a serious risk.


    Really, though, the side effects are pretty minimal. There’s no chance of allergic reaction as with Juvederm or Restylane, since the injectable is your own blood. There might be some inflammation, but that subsides pretty quickly, and there’s none of the bruising or bandaging associated with an old-fashioned nip/tuck.

    Still, this procedures isn’t for everyone. Vampire lovers may want to go for something more extreme, as the results of the vampire facelift aren’t dramatic. And if the sight of blood makes you queasy, probably just the name of this procedure is enough to turn you away. Certainly if you’re looking for immortality, this isn’t your thing. But if you’d like a more youthful appearance without any of the ‘plastic’ associated with normal cosmetic procedures, the vampire facelift might be worth investigating.

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    Learn more by going to the Selphyl or Facelift Channels at Makemeheal.com.