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  • By Chelsea Mize

    We all know the feeling. Summer is coming and you’re pasty white, you’ve packed on some winter pounds, and you’ve got stubble that makes you feel like something out of Where the Wild Things Are. And your bikini line? Yikes. Let’s just say, it is not bikini ready. But this year, you really don’t want to wear the one piece with a skirt. Or even the string bikini you keep adjusting to futilely try to cover unwanted hair and bulges. So what can you do to get your body in shape for the hottest summer suits? Well, spray tanning is a start, but if you want to go deeper (or thinner, smoother, and sexier!) Makemeheal.com has whipped up a list of ten procedures, plastic surgery and otherwise, to give you a body that you’d be ashamed not to show off.

    Lifesculpt – Laser Liposuction and Body Contouring


    • What it is: Lifesculpt literally melts your fat away. Unlike traditional liposuction, Lifesculpt uses laser technology to liquefy fat before it is removed with suction. The advantages over normal liposuction are numerous. Lifesculpt is minimally invasive, doesn’t rip or tear, leaves no unsightly indents in the affected area, and actually tightens and contours skin for a smooth, sexy, and younger looking you.
    • Who it’s for: Lifesculpt is for those of you who just can’t exercise away those stubborn love handles. It’s a great procedure if you’re in shape but still want to have tighter, smoother curves without those little poofs of fat sneaking out over your bathing suit bottom. It’s probably not the best option for someone who’s significantly overweight or in poor health.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: Lifesculpt is minimally invasive, and can be done in as little as an hour. In most cases, you (the patient) would remain awake for the procedure and only be administered local anesthesia, allowing you to essentially continue with your day post-op. There can be slight discomfort prior to and during the procedure, but nothing serious, and certainly nothing like traditional liposuction. And the after effects are slighter too, with little to no bruising, swelling, or pain, so you can get into that sexy swimwear in no time at all.

    Breast Enlargement – Implants

    • What it is: Only the most popular plastic surgery procedure undergone by women. And it’s not just for Pam Anderson wannabes either. Plenty of women know the feeling of trying on a swimsuit and having the bottoms stretched tight over your hips while the top hangs loose over a too-small bust. So this summer, some of you may want to consider changing the trend and fitting into that skimpy suit you’ve always wanted. There are a number of options for those of you seeking a larger cup size, one of them being silicone gel implants, which have a much more natural appearance than some other types.
    • Who it’s for: Anyone who’s unhappy with their proportions, feels like pretty soon their nipples are going to be drooping past their knees, or those of you who feel asymmetrical or misaligned.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: Bathing suits, bathing suits, bathing suits. Swimsuits are designed to show off your great bust line, and if you feel insecure in that area, implants will give you the extra boost to look hot by the pool or at the beach. Recovery time varies, and scarring takes some time to heal, but patients can usually return to work and other normal activity in about a week. Strenuous activity should be avoided for up to a few months after the procedure. So maybe no jogging on the beach or swimming tons of laps, but normal stuff should be fine.

    Zeltiq – Non-surgical fat removal


    • What it is: Zeltiq is the cool alternative to liposuction. The procedure uses cryolipolysis, or destruction of fat cells through extreme cold temperatures. A device is pressed against the area to be treated, and then the tissue is cooled to a low enough temperature that fat cells, and only fat cells, are targeted and zapped. In a matter of days, fat cells begin to shrink, and then gradually are processed and removed via the liver. As a result, unsightly bulges are out, and smooth, summery contours are in.
    • Who it’s for: Like Lifesculpt, Zeltiq is best for those of you who aren’t severely overweight but would still like to achieve that really beach-ready body tone. Zeltiq targets specific areas where stubborn fat resides.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: Zeltiq is a non-invasive procedure, and patients do not have to be anesthetized. Recovery time is basically non-existent. Side effects, if any, usually disappear within ten minutes and are as minor as slight redness of the skin and temporary tingling due to the cold. Although results don’t appear instantly, Zeltiq won’t keep you from any of your usual summer activities and will definitely improve your look without painful recovery time.

    VelaShape – Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction

    Velashape, Cellulite

    • What it is: VelaShape is a procedure that helps reduce cellulite and thigh circumference and improves body contour. VelaShape uses a variety of technologies like Radiofrequency, Infrared Light, and Vacuum to ensure a timely and effective treatment. Using a specialized technique called Mechanical Massage, VelaShape smoothes out skin so that heat can be evenly distributed and shrink fat cells efficiently.
    • Who it’s for: VelaShape is for sufferers of cellulite and other unwanted fat deposits. It’s also very useful for new moms who want to recover their firm, trim pre-baby body in time for summer months.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: VelaShape knows you want a great bikini bod, so they’re even offering a FREE treatment session (results usually appear after about four sessions) to help you get a sizzling hot look. The procedure itself is non-invasive and relatively painless, and there’s no downtime.
    • How to get it: Visit www.velashape.com and enter your zip code to find a VelaShape physician in your area.

    Reaction by Viora – Body Contouring and Skin Tightening Vacuum Therapy

    • What it is: Reaction, like Velashape, is a treatment for cellulite, sagging skin, and reduction of thigh circumference. The procedure uses vacuum technology and Radiofrequency to improve skin tightness and get rid of unsightly fat bulges. Reaction can improve your look all over, for a truly comprehensive better body. Treatable areas include arms, buttocks, hips, thighs, face, neck, legs, tummy, and waist.
    • Who it’s for: Reaction, like other similar treatments, is not for the severely overweight. It’s best for those with healthy lifestyles who just can’t shake the cellulite or want to reverse signs of ageing through skin tightening.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: Reaction allows you to return immediately to your normal life. There’s no downtime, and treatments can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, with a short treatment cycle requiring six to eight sessions. Also, results are visible after the very first session, so in no time at all you can be on your way to beach bliss.
    • How to get it: You can find out more about Reaction and where to receive treatments by e-mailing info@vioramed.com.

    Lumenis Light Sheer Duet and Soprano XL – Laser Hair Removal

    • What it is: Lumenis Light Sheer Duet and Soprano XL are revolutionary laser hair removal technologies that eliminate some of the traditional concerns associated with the procedure. Using high powered lasers, these procedures enable treatment of larger areas in shorter time. If stubble’s holding you back from summer-worthy legs, then maybe this is the answer you’ve been looking for. Not only do these new lasers reduce the amount of time you have to wait for smooth skin, they also reduce the discomfort typically associated with laser treatments.
    • Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to get rid of unsightly body hair. New technologies are making lasers more useful in the treatment of bonier or more sensitive areas such as ankles or upper lips.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: Nobody wants to shave three times a day to make sure legs and underarms stay smooth for sundresses, bikinis, or short shorts. And what about those of you who suffer from happy trails or mustaches, laser hair removal can provide a year-round solution just in time for hot weather hotness. Also, with new pain-free treatments and increased expediency, you don’t need to worry about wasting time or experiencing soreness.

    Sculptra Aesthetic – Non-surgical facial rejuvenation


    • What it is: Sculptra Aesthetic uses collagen treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to improve skins overall youthfulness. Summertime always makes you feel young, so it’s only reasonable to want to look young too. And Sculptra Aesthetic can help you achieve natural results that last upwards of two years, unlike other, more temporary injectable solutions. Sculptra Aesthetic works through a series of injections in the affected areas, and is usually completed after three sessions that occur over a few months.
    • Who it’s for: If you want to gradually achieve younger looking skin and you’re really opposed to frozen facial expressions or that pulled facelift look, the Sculptra Aesthetic is for you. It’s a more natural alternative that works with your face, not against it.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: Sculptra Aesthetic is perfect for that subtle summer improvement you can’t seem to get with makeup or lotion. Nobody wants to cake on anti-ageing products before they head to the beach, and Sculptra Aesthetic helps restore your face in a natural way. Also, Sculptra Aesthetic isn’t going to make you hide your face for days or even months. Side effects are generally minor, and with massage therapy and cold compresses, swelling and redness usually subside fairly quickly. Make up can be applied to treated area on a same day basis. Although you may want to protect your face from the sun after treatment, it’s nothing normal sunblock and skin-damage precautions won’t take care of.

    Buttock Augmentation

    • What it is: I like big butts. And if you like big butts too (and you cannot lie) then maybe buttock augmentation is for you. The procedure is pretty self-explanatory, and there are a variety of methods out there to achieve the desired results. A typical butt enlargement is the Brazilian butt lift, which uses liposuction to remove fat from other unwanted areas, and then injects that fat into the butt for tighter, higher cheeks.
    • Who it’s for: Booty lovers, obviously. And anyone else who’s tired of not filling out their bottoms or feels like they’re butt is sagging from under their bathing suit.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: Simple. Nobody wants their bikini butt to hang out like a sack of potatoes. A firm, round butt is the best booty to sport a swimsuit, and procedures like the Brazilian butt lift don’t require a ton of recovery. Most patients are back at work after a week.
    • Talk to your doctor or visit a local plastic surgeon to learn more about buttocks augmentation.

    Asclera – Varicose Vein Treatment

    • What it is: Asclera is an injection that damages the blood vessels, which causes them to close and reduces the appearance of varicose or spider veins.
    • Who it’s for: People with smaller manifestations of varicose veins. Asclera is best for those of you who just want to get rid of the unsightly spider veins for aesthetic reasons. It’s not approved for more serious conditions.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: If you’re in shape for summer, you don’t want your sexy, sculpted legs to be marred by patches of purple veins snaking around your thighs or calves. Asclera doesn’t require surgery or downtime, and side effects are usually minor.
    • How to get it: For more information talk to your doctor about Asclera, or visit www.asclera.com.
    • To learn more information, go to the Asclera Channel.

    Vaser Hi Def – For the Guys! (And the Ladies too)

    Vaser Liposuction

    • What it is: Vaser Hi Def is an advanced body sculpting procedure that removes fat strategically to enhance the appearance of musculature for an athletic look. Think ‘six-pack.’ But Vaser Hi Def isn’t just for your abs, guys. It’s also good for the chest or back – and ladies, it works for breasts, thighs and hips as well. Guys concerned about gynecomastia, or ‘man-boobs’ might want to consider Vaser Hi Def as well.
    • Who it’s for: Vaser Hi Def is for those of you who know who have tone and definition hiding under that pesky layer of winter blubber. If you want to enhance your already athletic body and look great for summer, then Vaser Hi Def is a great option for you.
    • Why it’s Great for Summer: Vaser Hi Def is a gentle ultrasonic liposculpture treatment that does not carry the same adverse side effects as traditional lipsuction. With limited downtime and speedier recovery, Vaser Hi Def is an alluring option to get that chiseled, buff body right before summer.



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    1. Tony on May 26, 2010 11:48 am

      There are some really great before and after photos on http://www.mycosmeticprocedures.com. I think you can also find some surgeons in your area through this website. check it out!

    2. Idol White on June 1, 2010 4:16 am

      Ur article is very much informative and useful,,,Do they have some side effects as i heard???,,

    3. Moleswartsremoval on June 15, 2010 11:23 pm

      Many celebrities commit the mistake of undergoing several plastic surgeries just to enhance their physical appearance! You can easily tell if the procedure was good or bad from their pics. The celebrity plastic surgery blog can increase your awareness of many plastic surgeries that turned out bad. Make sure that you read these blogs first before you start looking for a qualified and licensed surgeon in your area.

      Celebrities are not exempted from making mistakes. They are also humans and this is also true with plastic surgeons. There are times when even professionals can commit surgical mistakes that can lead to ‘ugly’ results. So instead of looking more beautiful, the celebrity will end up with a pointed nose, flattened breasts, or very think lips! A very good example of too many plastic surgeries is the late Michael Jackson. You can hardly tell that photos taken before and after the surgeries pertain to only one person.

    4. One Week Marketing on August 1, 2010 11:51 pm

      Great technique,,i want to have the P surgery for my nose,i had a little injury few years ago and my nose is little damaged from front side,,can it be reshaped as earlier and how much it costs,please do let me know,,,,I’m sure that this treatment don’t have any aftereffects,,

    5. teethwhitening on November 19, 2010 3:33 am

      When the going gets tough, the tough get going

    6. No No Hair Removal Reviews on February 17, 2011 7:08 pm

      I have not tried any surgeries in the past but I think I’m gonna try one this summer. My belly fats are starting to show and it would not look good with a bikini.

    7. lee on October 22, 2012 10:29 pm

      I had Laser Liposuction done with horrid results, you can see them on my blog. I am now looking to get Vaser to fix it up, but not 100% sure about doing it.

    8. Breast Augmentation on April 12, 2016 3:23 pm

      I think breast augmentation surgery is the most demanding procedure

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