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  • Zerona, a non-invasive Low Level Laser Therapy, has gotten market clearance from the FDA. The device is approved for circumferential reduction of the hips, thighs, and waist. Zerona’s approval comes after a clinical study involving sixty-seven participants. Results have been positive, with some participants losing up to 7 inches in as little as two weeks (read more about Zerona in article titled Does New Laser Liposuction Zerona Work?)

    Zerona, Plastic Surgery

    The patients involved showed an average circumferential loss of 3.5 inches. Low level laser devices are becoming increasingly popular, and the approval of Zerona’s body-contouring device is the latest in a string of low level laser treatments.

    Zerona works by targeting a specific error with a light wavelength that breaks down fat cells and leaks them into the body’s system so that the fat is metabolized by the liver. This process slims the treated area in a totally non-invasive, pain-free operation.

    Zerona’s effectiveness is attributable to the influence of the specific light wavelength that is used. It’s ideal for people who are looking to slim down, but who don’t wish to undergo surgery or have time for recovery.

    With no FDA-approved predecessors for Zerona, the clearance process was a little more difficult for Zerona. It usually takes over two years for a totally unprecedented product to receive the FDA’s stamp for safety and efficacy, as was the case with Zerona.

    Zerona’s approval is a step forward in the use of laser light technologies in non-invasive aesthetic treatments.



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    1. Custom Dissertation on September 15, 2010 7:52 am

      Nicely post about “Zerona is FDA Approved!”.

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