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  • This week, it’s Diane Harmon (member name: dmharmon12) from Ormond Beach, FL, who truly deserves the Makeover of the Month Award.

    tummy tuck, plastic surgery, breast augmentation, pictures


    See Diane’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album.

    Diane’s story starts in 2004 after her struggle to lose 70 pounds. In August 2005, to compensate for the loss of her breast tissue volume following her weight loss, Diane went under the knife of Dr. Mauricio Castellon for a breast lift and breast augmentation that included two 400cc smooth and round silicone implants. The result is well executed and left diane with sexy 36D twins.

    Following her breast procedures, Diane returned to Dr. Mauricio in February 2006, who then performed a full tummy tuck with muscle repair on her along with liposuction of the flanks. Within a few weeks, Diane dropped about 4-5 dress sizes and now wears a size 4.

    For her facial makeover, Diane got Restylane (a cosmetic filling agent made of Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of the skin) to soften facial wrinkles and folds that appeared around her nose and lips following her weight loss. Then, in 2007 Diane added some photofacial treatments with Dr. Sergio Zamora to improve the appearance of her skin as well as reduce some redness she was experiencing. Additionally, she had Juvederm and Botox treatments on her forehead and around her eyes to complete her makeover.

    For the finishing touches on her makeover, Diane underwent Vaser and Smart Liposuction in May with Dr. Fred Powell to trim her body contours, which resulted in the removal of 750cc from her lower abs, flanks, upper and mid back.

    At 44, Diane has a lot to be excited about. Her makeover has enhanced her beauty and opened up some new opportunities.

    “From a scale of 1-10…I’m 150 on the happiness scale,” says Diane to Make Me Heal‘s.

    As a plastic surgery expert, Diane recommends that anyone who considers cosmetic surgery should research it well and see as many plastic surgery pictures as possible to get an accurate idea of the results you can expect. Diane’s message for those ready to take the step is:

    “Understand it’s a life changing event so be prepared for the attention and go for it!!

    See Diane’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album.


    Dr. Mauricio Castellon from Melbourne, Florida performed Diane’s tummy tuck, breast lift and breast augmentation.

    Dr. Sergio Zamora from Ormond Beach, Florida performed Diane’s Juvederm and Botox Treatments.

    Dr. Fred Powell from Boca Raton, Florida performed Diane’s Vaser and SmartLipo.


    Make Me Heal: When did you first have the idea to have your procedure?

    Diane: In 2004 before I lost the weight I was looking into doing a tummy tuck. After a lot of thought and searching online and doctor consultations I decided the best route was to lose weight first.

    Make Me Heal: What were your motivations behind your decision to have the procedure?

    Diane: Losing 70 pounds, my skin was very loose. I did it mostly for emotional reasons. I was proud of the weight loss and had always wanted plastic surgery so I went for it. It was very exciting!!

    Make Me Heal: How long did it take you to make a decision and was it an easy or difficult one to make?

    Diane: I finished losing weight in June of 2005. My first surgery was Aug 2005. I had no hesitation with going ahead with the surgery. I was ready to be noticed and to be able to look at myself in a positive light

    Make Me Heal: Did your family, friends, and any other people in your close circle give you support, opposition, or did you make this decision without considering them?

    Diane: My husband was 100% supportive. Some of my friends couldn’t understand why I wanted to do it, some were supportive…

    Make Me Heal: How did you research the procedure and come to decide on this particular procedure?

    Diane: I went for consultations with local doctors to get an idea of how to proceed. I went to 3 local doctors who all had differing opinions. I decided on a doctor who was recommended to me by another surgeon and he worked with a lot of people with weight loss and loose skin issues. He also had a great bedside manner and instantly knew he would be my doctor. For weeks and weeks beforehand I would look up before and after photos trying to find my body type to see what I might look like afterwards. I probably looked at thousands of breast lift/aug pics. I found the shape I wanted and brought that to the doctor. Then I had to decide on silicone or saline. My doctor described it as Do you want a Ford or a Mercedes, making the comparison in saline and silicone. I chose silicone.

    Make Me Heal: Please discuss if you used any of Make Me Heal’s resources.

    Diane: I used Make me Heal many times over for weeks and weeks among other message boards. Make me Heal is definitely the most user friendly and extensive website about plastic surgery.

    Make Me Heal: How did you come to choose your doctor?

    Diane: I had 4 consultations with my local doctors and didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. The doctor I chose was recommended to my by a laprascopic surgeon. I’ve used 3 different doctors. He did my first 2 surgeries.

    Make Me Heal: Please discuss if you have any role in deciding the type of technique used for your surgery by the doctor?

    Diane: The only input I had was deciding on saline or silicone, cc size and if I wanted to stay overnight at the hospital, which I did.

    Make Me Heal: How did you prepare for the surgery?

    Diane: I read and read and used message boards every day. My doctor only recommended cocoa butter. I took 3 weeks off work but after about 1 1/2 weeks I was in the mall trying on clothes. I noticed I heal very quickly and didn’t need too much pain medicine besides Advil or Tylenol. With the bl/ba I had a brachioplasty also.

    Make Me Heal: How were you feeling the night before the surgery and on the moments before the surgery itself?

    Diane: I wasn’t afraid of the actual surgery or pain, I was more afraid of change, how I would handle changing my body so drastically. It was exciting at the same time. The day of surgery I think I was just numb, non emotional. I guess it was my way of fighting any fear

    Make Me Heal: How was the recovery process?

    Diane: The absolute worst part of recovery was the nausea after general anesthesia. I stayed at the hospital so I didn’t have to get up at all. My tummy tuck was outpatient. I have a problem getting up after general anesthesia so it took me hours. My surgery was 2 hrs from home so we stayed at a local hotel. That was pretty traumatic. My husband was with me every step of the way. The ba/bl and arm lift recovery for me was a breeze. With the tummy tuck it was pretty painful. I took lots of laxatives because you don’t want to have a problem because you absolutely cannot push, sneeze, cough without tremendous pain. I didn’t like the Loritab so I switched to tylenol. Getting out of bed is very difficult so I slept a lot in a recliner. Also from all the sitting and laying, my back was in knots so I used a heating pad and a back massager with helps very well. After about a week I was up and around fine, just bent over.

    Make Me Heal: How well prepared were you for the recovery from physical, emotional, and mental respects?

    Diane: I used message boards for weeks and weeks and online searching obsessively. Emotionally I couldn’t stop looking at myself, it was hard to realize it was still me.

    Make Me Heal: What are your top recovery tips to other patients?

    Diane: Take it easy, do everything the doctor tells you to, don’t be a martyr, take meds if you need them.

    Make Me Heal: How long did you take off from work?

    Diane: I had told my co-workers about both surgeries before hand. I didn’t want to be the subject of gossip. A lot of people asked about it. I took 3 weeks off for both surgeries.

    Make Me Heal: How happy are you with the results?

    Diane: From a scale of 1-10 I’m 150 on the happiness scale

    Make Me Heal: How has your makeover impacted your life from personal, social, career, and other respects?

    Diane: I’ve lost friends, gained friends. People gravitate towards me now, I don’t feel invisible. Everyone who knew me before say I’m a totally different person inside and out. I exude confidence. I’m definitely more socially acceptable and think about moving up in my career or maybe going to school. I’ve become a raging shopoholic and love to wear beautiful clothes that get me noticed. I get a lot more attention than ever in my life.

    Make Me Heal: Would you have done anything differently if you had the chance?

    Diane: Maybe a hair bigger on the implants

    Make Me Heal: What is your final word of advice to other people considering the procedures you had?

    Diane: Before you proceed read everything you can, use the message boards, makemeheal’s website, go to many consultations… and understand its a life changing event so be prepared for the attention. Go for it!!

    Make Me Heal: Was Make Me Heal beneficial to you along your journey?

    Diane: 100%. Make Me Heal’s message boards and information were the best of all the other websites.

    injection fillers, plastic surgery, pictures

    See Diane’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album.

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