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  • Being large breasted is seen as an asset by most of us, but when your 40 Double D breasts causes you endless neck and back pain…you start to think differently. Veronica’s story is one of the best example how plastic surgery can help improve one’s life from physical and emotional respects.

    Breast Reduction, Pictures, Photos, Plastic Surgery

    See Veronica’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album.

    Veronica McGuinness (member name: VeronicaM) of High Springs, Florida is a 29 years old mother who for many years lived proudly with her copious and beautiful breasts. But after her first pregnancy, the hormonal changes and extra weight she put on changed her breasts to a much bigger size and soon…she was wearing 40DD bras. Veronica felt miserable not only because of her sagging breasts but especially because it led to a lot of pain in her neck and back. Once Veronica had enough, she made an appointment with Dr. Adil Kabeer and within one month, she went under the knife and is now a much perkier and pain-less 38C.

    Veronica had the full support of her husband and family (many of them underwent the same surgery), who helped her from the moment she took her decision to the post-recovery stage and beyond. Veronica considers her breast reduction as the best decision she has ever taken. Since then, her whole life has improved and she feels more confident physically and mentally. Her biggest tip she would like to share with all of Make Me Heal’s members is surely to “Be patient – it takes time for your body to heal and..have realistic expectations”.

    Dr. Adil Kabeer from Florida performed Veronica’s breast reduction.

    Make Me Heal: When did you first have the idea to have your procedure?

    Veronica: Soon after having my first daughter in 1998, I have always been large breasted but the extra weight gain and the fact that they got bigger and didn’t shrink back after breast feeding started the long miserable bouts with back and neck pain and the thoughts for breast reduction started!

    Make Me Heal: What were your motivations behind your decision to have the procedure?

    Veronica: Well the physical of course, but the mental aspect of it is well.

    Make Me Heal: How long did it take you to make a decision and was it an easy or difficult one to make?

    Veronica: Well , when I decided it was time it was very easy…I went to the doctor with my last bout of neck pain and said enough is enough and immediately called and made an appt. with a plastic surgeon! The thought had been there for years but when I decided the time was right it was one month from the first meeting until I was small breasted!

    Make Me Heal: Did your family, friends, and any other people in your close circle give you support, opposition, or did you make this decision without considering them?

    Veronica: Oh yes, my family was very supportive and was there for me every step of the way, especially my husband, he was my life saver! I couldn’t have done it without him and I was blessed with the large breasts that run very heavily in my family so most knew what I was feeling, they were all behind my decision 100%.

    Make Me Heal: How did you research the procedure and come to decide on this particular procedure?

    Veronica: Well , I read everything I could come in contact with about the procedure , the benefits and risks and decided that the benefits outweighed the risks by a landslide , I used the internet , books , word of mouth from numerous family members who have had the procedure done and then found Make Me Heal and once I became a part of the boards I asked as many questions as I could to get the education I needed…I can honestly say if it weren’t for the wonderful women from the Breast Reduction board on Make Me Heal , I would have not been as educated and prepared as I was when I went in , my doctor was so impressed with how much knowledge I had!

    Make Me Heal: Please discuss if you used any of Make Me Heal’s resources.

    Veronica: YES! I lived on the Breast Reduction Board! and looked at literally HUNDREDS of pictures from the picture library and asked a Million questions…

    Make Me Heal: How did you come to choose your doctor?

    Veronica: My choice was very simple for my doctor, I was lucky enough to have seen his work first hand as he had done 4 breast reductions and an augmentation on members of my immediate family! so my one and only conciliation was with him…

    Make Me Heal: Please discuss if you have any role in deciding the type of technique used for your surgery by the doctor?

    Veronica: Not at all, he made all my decisions for me and I trusted him!

    Veronica: Well, I of course logged right on to the boards when I returned home with a surgery date and started asking what all the pro’s used for preparation and healing , the biggest recommendations I got where for button front shirts , sports bras , and healing vitamins , I got a recommendation from a wonderful girl from my breast reduction board about a ‘surgery cocktail’ of vitamins and I SWEAR by it! I healed so quickly and bounced back almost immediately , It’s
    2000 mg’s of vitamin C
    100 mg’s of Zinc
    800 mg’s of Folic Acid
    2000 mg’s of calcium
    8000 I.U of Vitamin A
    I took this cocktail 3 weeks before and then 6 weeks after , It did the trick and helped fight off infection!
    10. How were you feeling the night before the surgery and on the moments before the surgery itself? Please discuss thoughts, fears, emotions, and prayers.
    I was a nervous wreck, I definitely needed a lot of support and prayers from the girls on MMH,I had 2 girls that were my rocks , We had the same surgery date almost down to the same times so we kinda leaned on each other , I don’t think the actual butterflies hit until the doctor started marking me in the holding area , I started getting jittery but was still very confident of my decision so that helped me stay focused and brave…I also prayed for strength and courage…

    Make Me Heal: How was the recovery process?

    Veronica: The surgery itself went pretty smooth , but let me say that the first 48 hours after you are seriously asking “What have I done”
    The pain isn’t bad but it’s definitely there…and you have the drains and the dressings and the general feeling of fatigue , I would say the worst parts of recovery are the mental ones , the fear of infection , and the having to get used to looking at your body completely altered from what you are used to , It takes a little while but you definitely come around..after the first 7 days , it’s all up hill from there…
    My husband and my 9 year old were my recovery team , My hubby took a week off total to spend with me and was helping around the clock , He is amazing and I couldn’t have done it without him…and my 9 year old daughter did everything she could to help out as well , she helped make sure Mom was comfortable and not lifting anything…It really helps to have a great support system in place…

    Make Me Heal: Please discuss the pain or discomfort you experienced during the recovery?

    Veronica: I only had incision pain for the first few days, it was a tugging and burning sensation, after the first week that was replaced with a tingling and pulling sensation when I moved the wrong way and I had electric shock feelings here and there as well.. , I had some discomfort from swelling , and if I overdid it , some underarm pain….Nothing a couple of tylenol couldn’t help…I only took the pain meds for the first 48 hrs…

    Make Me Heal: How well prepared were you for the recovery from physical, emotional, and mental respects?

    Veronica: I was actually very prepared for what I had in store after surgery, I was not however ready for the mental aspect of it, I knew it was going to be different but it kind of took me back a bit that I was so different , I questioned myself a couple of times if I had done the right thing , but that soon passed with all the support both on and offline from the breast reduction message board on MMH and from my wonderfully supportive family..
    I did read an excellent book and I recommend it highly to anyone considering breast reduction , it’s called ” When Less is More” by Bethanne Snodgrass M.D.,FACS , It expains everything both physically and mentally in great detail…

    Make Me Heal: What are your top recovery tips to other patients?

    My biggest tip is BE PATIENT, It takes time for your body to heal and Have realistic expectations…

    Make Me Heal: How long did you take off from work?

    Well being a Stay at Home Mommy , I didn’t get any time off of work to recover…But I did have a lot of help in place to make my healing process smoother until I could get back in the swing of things…

    Make Me Heal: How happy are you with the results?

    I am EXTREMELY happy! This was bar far the best thing I have ever done for myself!!!!!

    Make Me Heal: How has your makeover impacted your life from personal, social, career, and other respects?

    Veronica: My whole life has improved , I have more confidence in myself and my appearance…I am more outgoing and I FEEL amazing , I am physically better and that helps me all the way around!

    Make Me Heal: Would you have done anything differently if you had the chance?

    Not one thing…I am completely satisfied with my whole experience!

    Make Me Heal: What is your final word of advice to other people considering the procedure you had?

    Veronica: It is by far the best decision you can make for yourself!

    Make Me Heal: Was Make Me Heal beneficial to you along your journey?

    Veronica: Make Me Heal was my lifeline through this journey, I didn’t feel alone, I had the girls from the Breast Reduction Board on my side and nothing is more comforting than knowing someone else knows exactly what you are feeling every step of the way, Make Me Heal is by far the best website on the internet for anyone who is considering plastic surgery of any kind!!!

    See Veronica’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album.

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