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    See Sharon’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album.

    Ohio native Sharon (username: goldilox1975) was teased about her nose ever since she was young, but mostly by her brother. She never seriously considered a rhinoplasty until a few years ago she saw a picture of a girl she went to high school with. She knew this girl had gotten a nose job, and Sharon realized she still looked like herself, only better. After several consultations with various surgeons, she finally settled on Dr. Frank Barone, based on personal reviews, reputation, and her consultations with him. She used the Make Me Heal message boards and her own blog to gain knowledge about what to expect from surgery and recovery, as well as support from others. She had her procedure on August 5th, 2008 and though she had a stressful night before surgery and hated the packing in her nostrils for a week after, she experienced little serious pain and was very well prepared for a smooth recovery. She was out on the town only 11 days after surgery and is now pleased that she has a more refined version of her own nose, and feels more confident in herself.

    Sharon’s advice for anyone having plastic surgery is:

    “If you have wanted it for a while, don’t wait any longer. Do it!!! It’s not that bad and 9 out of 10 times the results are incredible! Research as many doctors as possible and don’t let cost be the deciding factor. Get the best possible doctor no matter the cost.“

    Please join us below with an interview with the lovely Sharon:

    Make Me Heal: When did you first have the idea to have your procedure(s)?

    Sharon: In high school a few friends got nose jobs. Part of me was jealous, but the other side of me looked down on them for being so vain. Honestly I didn’t think any of them needed it and was somewhat sad to know that their unique looks would be diminished. Recently I was flipping through a book of wedding photos by a local photographer in my city. He had wedding pictures of one of those girls. She looked stunning! That was the day I decided I was really ready to take this idea to the next level. I thought that she still looks like herself, just better, and I could too.

    Make Me Heal: What were your motivations (physical, emotional, social, etc.) behind your decision to have the procedure(s)?

    Sharon: I thought I would be more confident, outgoing, and happier. I had seen some of my friends who had it done and they looked amazing, and I thought…’why not me’ I always thought my nose was too big, too long, and didn’t fit my face.

    Make Me Heal: How long did it take you to make a decision and was it an easy or difficult one to make?

    Sharon: It took one year. I began thinking about it and even made an appointment 1 year ago. I chickened out, but still wanted to do it. Recently I had a bad breakup, and was feeling down about myself in general. I came into some extra money, and thought, ‘I wish I had done it last year’. I decided I didn’t want to be saying that in another year so I decided to do it. I was a little difficult because I was very nervous that I wouldn’t like it and I would regret doing it. I was scared it would end up looking worse. Also I was afraid of the pain and the recovery.

    Make Me Heal: Did your family, friends, and any other people in your close circle give you support, opposition, or did you make this decision without considering them?

    Sharon: Everyone was very supportive. My friends and I had a ‘Going away Party’ for my nose. We had Goucho Marx glasses, fake animal noses, and even a theme song…Nobody Nose the Trouble I’ve seen! (pic on my blog) My Dad was the only one who was uneasy because my sister had the procedure and had major complications leaving her with visible scar after 2 revisions.

    Make Me Heal: How did you research the procedure and come to decide on this particular procedure?

    Sharon: I knew what I wanted, a nose job, simple as that. The doctors recommended the specific procedures as far as nostril reduction and grafts. My doctor ended up not doing a graft.

    Make Me Heal: Please discuss if you used any of Make Me Heal’s resources such as the message boards, pictures library, doctor directory and doctor reviews, and any recovery and preparation products that you used.

    Sharon: Make Me Heal was the ONLY resource I found online that was helpful. The before and after pictures were a HUGE help I looked for girls who looked like me, and saw the incredible differences and decided if they can do it so can I. The message boards are great. I used them a lot, posting my own concerns, questions, and fears and got wonderful responses. Everyone was very supportive.

    Make Me Heal: How did you come to choose your doctor?

    Sharon: I made consultations appointments with 3 major plastic surgeons in my area. I listened to each one taking notes and had a barrage of questions (in a notebook) for each. I made my decision based on what they thought my nose should look like, their willingness to answer my questions, how comfortable I felt with them, their before and after books of prior patients, and the look and feel of the office. Price was not my main concern and I ended up going with the most expensive doctor. Also I had 3 relatives who had used him for different things and they all recommended him highly. We had one initial consultation, another one to answer questions, and another to take pictures right before the surgery. After the surgery I had 3 appointments where they massaged my face to help with draining. This was very comforting and did help a lot. Of course I also had a post op appointment to remove the packing, and the stitches. I had to go back 3 more times for stitch removal (they would not come out on there own and I just kept finding more and more). I have my final appointment in 3 weeks for post pictures which will be at the 3 month mark.

    Make Me Heal: Please discuss if you have any role in deciding the type of technique used for your surgery by the doctor, incision placements, implant brand, anesthesia type, etc.

    Sharon: I put my trust fully in my Doctor, an let him do what he thought was right for me. I didn’t make outside suggestions. When he told me he wanted to do a graft, he said it was because not only was my bump big, but the area between my eyes was deep which made the hump appear bigger. While in surgery he opted not to do the graft, because he liked the way it looked after he did the hump reduction.

    Make Me Heal: How did you prepare for the surgery?

    Sharon: Arnica for bruising, Vitamedica (3 am and 3 pm) for 2 weeks before and after the surgery, Bromelain for swelling. Cleaned my house, bought tons of soups, juices, ice cream, puddings etc. I assigned my friends days and times to help me. Laid out all my meds and made a chart of when to take each, with or without food, and lined them all up in Dixie cups. I had my friends dole them out to me so that I didn’t get confused. I washed my sheets, cleaned and prepared my humidifier, made tons of ice, bought about 50 magazines, rented movies. I bought Q tips, bandages, AYR spray to lubricate, Benadryl for congestion, picked up my Rx’s (Valium, Percoset, Vicodin, Nausea Meds), and Chapstick (which didn’t work well and I switched to Blistex Medicated which kept my lips from drying out). I didn’t know it at the time, but I also needed lighted tweezers, bendy straws, hard candy, and mashed potatoes with gravy (lots of it!!).

    Make Me Heal: How were you feeling the night before the surgery and on the moments before the surgery itself?

    Sharon: I was a basket case the day and night before my surgery. I was very nervous, and scared. Part of me wanted to back out. I was mostly nervous about what it would be like to have packing in for a week. I tried plugging my nose for 1 minute and just that one minute was awful, so I knew it would be bad. That night I called my doctor and he said to take 1-2 Valium to calm me down and help me sleep. I’m so glad he did because it really helped. Before that I was freaking out and crying over the tiniest things. My cousin spent the night which helped and she drove me to the surgery center in the morning.

    Make Me Heal: How was the recovery process? Please discuss what side effects you experienced? What were the worse parts of the recovery? Did anyone help you during the recovery?

    Sharon: The worst part was the packing. It was extremely uncomfortable and made it hard to eat or drink. Also the dry mouth was unbearable. The 2nd night I got up to pee 10 times because I was drinking so much water. I had many friends and family bringing me food, giving me my medication, changing my bandages, cleaning my wounds, and keeping me company.

    Make Me Heal: Please discuss the pain or discomfort you experienced during the recovery?

    Sharon: The pain was minimal, especially since I had the Vicodin and Percoset. It was more like the pain you have when you get hit real hard on the nose, a dull pain that wouldn’t go away. The discomfort was due to the packing the first week. After that it was just very sore for about another week. The following 2 weeks it just felt strange because I had very little feeling in my nose, it was numb from the nerve damage that is caused during the operation. Any slight bumps to my nose were very painful as well. Even now 2 months later the tip is still a little numb. I predict another 3 months until I regain full 100% feeling again. Still now, picking my nose is hard, and I still use Q tip to help me do this. There is still scar tissue inside my nostrils which makes cleaning it out hard.

    Make Me Heal: How well prepared were you for the recovery from physical, emotional, and mental respects?

    Sharon: Most of my research was done on Make Me Heal.com. I also consulted with my sister who had the surgery, and my cousin and a couple friends who had it as well. I was as prepared as anyone could have been which made it much easier.

    Make Me Heal: What are your top recovery tips to other patients?

    Sharon: I have a long detailed list of recovery tips on my blog at: http://anewnose.blogspot.com/ (in which I recommend Make Me Heal.com) I will list the main points here:
    • Q-tips
    • Blistex Medicated (in the jar)
    • Lighted tweezers
    • Ice chips
    • Mashed potatoes
    • Arnica
    • Humidifier
    • Hard Candy
    • Marked Dixie Cups for medications (to pre dispense)
    • Bendy Straws
    • Magazine
    • Movies
    • A schedule of help (friends, family who are willing to drive to the store to get you what you need)
    • Soups (especially Chicken with Stars because you can drink the whole thing with a bendy straw)
    • Valium, Vicodin, Percoset
    Also I would schedule the surgery in the winter months when you wont be so sad to miss out on warm days, also make sure you have at least 1.5 months for the swelling to go down enough if you are preparing for reunions, weddings etc.

    Make Me Heal: How long did you take off from work? What did you tell your co-workers about taking this time off? Did anyone notice your cosmetic procedures at work and what did you tell them if they asked about it?

    Sharon: I took off 2 weeks and needed it all. I told my close friends at work. If anyone else noticed the change no one said anything. One friend’s husband knew about my surgery but when he saw me he forgot I had it done. When I asked him why he hadn’t said anything about my new nose, he said, “Wow the doctor must have done a great job because you look great but I didn’t really notice the change.”

    Make Me Heal: How happy are you with the results?

    Sharon: I am very happy. I don’t ever feel like people are looking at my nose anymore and I feel VERY confident about my profile!!!

    Make Me Heal: How has your makeover impacted your life from personal, social, career, and other respects?

    Sharon: Like I said before, I feel much more confident, and I don’t feel like people are only seeing my nose. I love showing it off, and now would like to improve other parts of myself to go with my new look like weight loss, and better clothes!

    Make Me Heal: Would you have done anything differently if you had the chance?

    Sharon: The only thing is that I would have waited until the dreary winter months so that I didn’t have to miss out on the beautiful and seldom sunny days of Ohio summers.

    Make Me Heal: Was Make Me Heal beneficial to you along your journey?

    Sharon: Yes…HUGE!!!!!!!

    See Sharon’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album.

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