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  • Every plastic surgery patient despises scars, as scars are tell-tale signs of having had cosmetic surgery. For this reason, patients are most preoccupied about how they can reduce their scars following surgery. Fortunately, there are various effective solutions that can significantly help you reduce your surgery scars and minimize their appearance.

    Silicone Gels & Sheets

    Kelocote, Kelo Cote, Scar Reduction CreamSilicone gels, creams and adhesive silicone sheets promote scar reduction and make your scar less noticeable. These products can reduce, flatten, and soften the scar size, thickness, height, and color of all types of new and old scars, post-surgery scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars, and scars caused by injury, trauma, and burns.

    Silicone scar products help reduce scar appearance by forming a protective barrier over the skin surface, increasing hydration, pressure, and oxygen tension, and maintaining the skin’s moisture.

    Breast Scar SheetSilicone gels are recommended for areas that are visible to the eye and places where a sheet is not convenient to use. Self-adhesive silicone sheets come in various shapes and sizes and can stick to any body area. Sheets offer the added advantage of putting pressure on the scar, which benefits scar reduction. These gels and sheets should only be applied after wounds have fully closed.

    Vitamin & Natural RemediesScar Esthetique, Scar Reduction Cream

    Patients also use scar creams made of vitamins, botanical extracts, and other ingredients that help fade the scar. Patients have reported improved scar appearance with Vitamin K, E, and C creams, copper peptide gels, arnica montana cream, and cocoa butter.

    ActiPatch, Electromagnetic PatchElectromagnetic Patch

    Electromagentic patches are the latest scar reduction home treatments that send an electromagnetic pulsed signal to the wounded area and reduce the appearance of scars. An electromagnetic patch fights the inflammatory response of your body that normally leads fluids to accumulate in the scar area and cause your cells to be pulled apart and result in what is known as scarring. The electromagnetic signal sent by the patch pushes the fluids out and reduces granulation of the scar which leads to less noticeable scarring.

    Massage ‘Em Down

    Massaging scars may help reduce their appearance, although it should only be undertaken once the skin is no longer vulnerable to pressure.

    No Toasting or Taking A Drag

    Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for 2-4 weeks pre-op and 2-4 weeks post-op because this can lead to poor scar healing.

    Protect Scars From The Sun

    Once incisions have closed, a sunscreen should be worn at all times during the first few months of post-op. Sun exposure can prolong the period your scar remains red and may cause scars to hyperpigment and darken.

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