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  • Exuberance, Skin CareThere’s an exciting new skin care line that’s all about love and it’s called Exuberance. Founded by a lady who grew up on a boat, Exuberance is a cutting-edge line of semi-organic skincare for the face and body. Devoted to the empowerment of women, every product provides safe, effective solutions to pamper and love your skin, with inspiring and authentic messages written on the packaging to uplift your soul. The mission of Exuberance is love- inside and out.

    What I love most about this line are the luxurious blends of natural ingredients in each product that are cleverly balanced together. I’ve already created myself an exuberant regimen that embraces my entire day, where the morning starts with the Exuberance Radiance Daily Green Tea Facial Cleanser, which leaves your skin squeaky clean thanks to the combination of Vitamin A, B, C, E and Green tea. Next, follow up with the Exuberance Believe Sweet Tangerine Balancing Facial Toner, which blasts your face with a full dose of Vitamin C, Sugar Maple, and Sweet Tangerine in an alcohol-free formula that leaves the face feeling healthy and smelling amazing. When it comes to the moisturizers, I recommend the Exuberance She’s So Lovely Balancing Rose Daily Moisturizer. For the eyes, the Exuberance Optimism Periwinkle & Aloe Uplifting Eye Gel works a lil’ magic on little fine lines and makes the overall under-eye area look tighter and firmer. While unwinding at home, you can ask your significant other to rub you down with the Exuberance Love Dark Chocolate & Mint Hand & Body Lotion or the equally delicious Exuberance “Your Skin” Blue Chamomile Bath, Body, & Massage Cream.

    I leave you with a little love note that is on the back of the She’s So Lovely moisturizer:

    Open Love Letter #21

    We’ll agree- we don’t know what you look like, about the cut of your hair or the turn of your cheek, but we without-a-doubt know that there is something about you that is heartbreakingly pure and elegant in its truth. And this, my dear, makes you absolutely, well, lovely. (shine on, glamour girl, shine on).

    Check out the full line of Exuberance Skin Care.