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  • Top 3 Scar Removal Solutions

    May 8, 2014 in Skin Care by Makemeheal.com Staff | Leave a Comment

    With summer on its way, most of us feel the need to diet and work out at the gym in hopes of achieving that perfectly sculpted beach body.  Everybody, it seems, wants to look good in that bikini or those swim trunks.  There are those who aside from shedding pounds and bulky winter clothes have another concern with baring their skin: ugly scars.

    So how can you hide, eliminate or reduce the aesthetic appearance of scars?  Due to popular demand, hundreds of over-the-counter scar treatments exist, all claiming to prevent or completely erase scars.  And for the frugally-minded, countless home remedies and do-it-yourself topical treatments exist:  everything from Vitamin E tablets to rubbing honey, onions or lemon juice over the affected area.

    But do any of these treatments actually work?

    ” Scars form as the normal process of tissue repair in which a full-thickness wound of the skin is first sealed by a clot (or scab) that is then replaced by scar tissue through specialized cells called fibroblasts,” renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Litner of Profiles Beverly Hills explains.  ”Of the topical treatments available, self drying silicone gel, such as that found in Kelo-cote products, has demonstrated efficacy in clinical study as have topicals containing onion extract.”

    Here are three of the best scar gels:

    1. Kelo-Cote Scar Healing & Reduction Gel

    Kelo-Cote is a lightweight, silicone-based gel that once applied to the skin forms a thin, waterproof membrane over the scar.  This transparent silicone membrane then binds to the outer layers of dead skin cells to protect the affected area from outside invasion, trapping moisture, hydrating the scar and providing the ideal healing environment for scars.  Acting like an extra layer of skin, Kelo-Cote softens, flattens and soothes the scar while maintaining the moisture balance and elasticity of adjacent skin.

    Widely used by surgeons since 1998, Kelo-Cote has been clinically proven to reduce the redness, itching, elevation, pain and hardness associated with scars.  Kelo-Cote contains a highly-specialized formula that features Siliclear Complex and a uniquely patented combination of silicone ingredients that eliminates erythema (redness surrounding the wound), expediting the healing process.  Kelo-Cote is effectively used in hospitals and clinics around the country to manage and reduce burn scars, post-surgery scars, dermatitis, C-Section scars, mastectomy scars and tattoo removal scars amongst many others.

    Easy to use and 100% odor-free, Kelo-Cote is a topical cream that promises results in a minimum of 60 – 90 days.  Dermatologists and surgeons unanimously agree

    2.  Scar Esthetique Healing & Reduction Cream

    Containing more ingredients that promote scar healing and scar reduction than any other scar cream on the market, Scar Esthetique is a greaseless, topical cream that is easily absorbed into the skin and helps soften and lighten both old and new scars.  Scar Esthetique contains a blend of antioxidants and ingredients that positively affect skin at the cellular level.  Scar Esthetique combines an onion extract base with dimethicone to increase the skin’s support structure, improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Scar Esthetique is clinically proven to improve the appearance of surgical scars, burn and trauma scars, keloids and laser resurfacing.

    3.  ScarGuard Scar Healing Sheets

    The ScarGuard line of products is the only product line that combines silicone, cortisone and Vitamin E all into one easy-to-apply, topical product.  While doctors and dermatologists have for decades recommended a combination of silicone, cortisone and Vitamin E treatments, ScarGuard is the first product of its kind to blend all three scar-healing ingredients together.  Simply brushed over the affected area to form a clear protective film, ScarGuard is a water-resistant solution that protects the scar from outside impurities.  ScarGuard helps the appearance of overgrown scars, new and old scars, and helps the appearance of raised acne scars.  ScarGuard helps shrink old, thick scars and prevent the thickening of newly-forming scars.