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  • In this edition of Weird, Fun & Tragic Plastic Surgery, we turn to the morbid side of plastic surgery, as we wanted to make everyone aware of plastic surgery gone bad from around the world to reinforce the importance of getting the right plastic surgeon and also getting your research and physical examination done ahead of surgery to know if you are a suitable candidate for plastic surgery. To lighten things a bit, we also included a few interesting tidbits about unusual cosmetic procedures being done around the globe.

    Australian Woman Dies after Day Liposuction Surgery

    Lauren Edgar, 28, underwent a day, outpatient liposuction on her legs in early March. Three days later she went to Flinders Medical Centre’s emergency department complaining of pain, illness and swelling.

    She was found to have gas gangrene and after being treated, at the medical center, she was transferred to Royal Adelaide Hospital to receive treatment in its hyperbaric chamber. Edgar died on March 10 from multiple organ failure caused by the gas gangrene.

    The coroner is investigating the procedure and Lauren’s family is expressing concern about her limited post-op care, as it was a day surgery, which limited the amount of aftercare she received. According to Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery president Dr Daniel Fleming, liposuction is performed as a day surgery around the world, without overnight monitoring.

    He also said, “My understanding is that it was an extremely rare type of infection. It would be incorrect to get the idea that the doctor has done something wrong. Anybody can contract the infection at any time and it’s not necessarily linked to liposuction.”

    “This infection occurs tragically in about four in one million people, some of whom have had no surgery at all.”

    Source: (The Australian)

    Police Release Hospital Staff Involved with Death of Liposuction Patient in Philippines

    Mary Jane Arciaga, 30, died while undergoing a liposuction at the Borough Medical Care Institute, located in Eastwood City in Barangay Bagumbayan, Philippines.

    Three doctors and three nurses: Anesthesiologist Dr. Nylene Arizala-Tan, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Peregrino Lorenzo VII, assistant surgeon Dr. Joel Unson, nurse aides Joey Budomo, Fionna Francisco and Djoanah Melissa Cave, who were facing homicide charges after the patient died on their watch, were released by Quezon City police.

    The patient died four hours into a liposuction procedure. Her body is being held for an autopsy to see if the doctors and operators did anything wrong. Senior Superintendent Rudy Mabanag of Quezon City said that experts suspect the cause of death could be a possible anesthesia overdose.

    Mary Jane had recently returned to the Philippines from Dubai. A month earlier, she underwent a successful tummy tuck from the same hospital.

    Mary Jane is the latest plastic surgery in which the competency of Philipino doctors has been called into question.

    Source: (The Inquirer)

    South African Tummy Tuck Leaves Patient Sick and Unhappy

    Lesley Lynch, a 57-year old mother of two was left with hanging skin flaps and unsightly scars after her tummy tuck performed in South Africa went awry.

    After returning home to Scotland, Lesley got an infection in the wound and ended up having to have the procedure corrected.

    Last June, top restorative surgeon Awf Quaba, who is based in the burns and plastic surgery unit at St John’s Hospital in Livingston, performed a breast reduction and corrected her “pockets” of skin flaps nearly a year after the botched operation took place.

    Lesley is happy with her corrected results “at long last.” And she says, “I’d warn anyone thinking about going abroad for surgery to think very carefully.”

    Source: (Sunday Mail)

    Pubic Hair Transplants

    In South Korea and Italy, women are reportedly getting hair transplanted to their pubic region. Apparently, a hairy vagina is considered a sign of fertility.

    In the United States, pubic hair as a sign of sex appeal went out with shoulder pads. American women are much inclined to try to laser or wax their privates as opposed to implanting their vaginas with pubic hair.

    Source: (DocShop.com)

    Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery is a weekly Make Me Heal column with news bytes of weird, sad, and funny tidbits about cosmetic surgery.
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    6 Comments so far

    1. maong on July 25, 2008 7:06 am

      Excuse me, it’s FILIPINO, not Philipino.

    2. Patricia on August 12, 2008 10:08 pm

      Just for your lack of information, the operation that happened in the Philippines was actually an error done by the patient. When the autopsy came out a few days after, it showed that the patient had a high level of alcohol content in her blood. She was advised by her doctors not to do anything drastic days before her operation. Since that this is an outpatient operation, it is of best interest for the patient to handle the pre operation rules. However, she drank alcohol and stopped drinking less than 12 hours before her operation. To top it all off, she didn’t tell her doctors about it. This caused her to have a cardiac arrest (or some heart related reason if i’m not mistaken) during the operation and not an anaesthesia overdose.

      The police came in the scene because the woman’s family relatives (who was in the waiting room during the operation) called the high ranking police official they knew that ensued the whole ordeal of homicide. They didn’t have any justifications of what happened though–all of the assumptions were mere accusations done by the police.

      So when the autopsy results went out, they discovered the alcohol content in her blood and discovered that the medical staff were not at fault at all. The police and most of the media never bothered to change the results of this incident to the public though. Hafta pity the surgeon because he’s one of the best in the Philippines with his high credentials as opposed to those cosmetic surgeons who pretend they actually went to medical school.

    3. Nana80 on October 4, 2008 6:56 pm

      I had buttock augmentation (fat transfer) with Dr Peregrino more than a year ago and I cannot have enough of good words for him. I think it is unfair to entirely blame the doctor and medical staff when something went wrong during the surgery.

    4. koreanwannabee on January 18, 2009 8:55 am

      that’s funny all who commented were filipinos… lol how about the other articles… ^^ i think hair transplant in the pubic area is disgusting and totally wrong lol

    5. Jennifer on August 21, 2010 10:03 am

      All of my appointments (consultation, pre-op and post op) went better than I expected and the surgery really surprised me, it was great, no problems at all and recovery was a breeze – even though Dr. Lorenzo keep on telling me that not everyone recovers so fast. Everything went wonderful. He is a great and reliable Doctor and its so unfair to blame him when something went wrong during that time.

    6. leslie on March 29, 2011 9:05 pm

      it does not matter if its the patients fault, but the mere fact that somebody died means somebody died. Where is mary jane? where are the doctors? this dr lorenzo is still operatinga nd even changed his website address to cover his mistakes.http://www.philippinecosmetic.com/

      you still killed a person dr lorenzo and nothing will changed that

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