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  • Here is the latest and greatest news bits from the weird, fun, strange and tragic world of plastic surgery gathered from July and August.

    Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Become A Catman

    Joceyln “Catwoman” Wildenstein may find her soulmate in a young American who, like her had mutliple plastic surgeries to become a veritable Catman. Catman had cheek implants, lip augmentation, chin implant, cosmetic contact lenses, and probably more. Click here to watch the video (source: Plasticized)

    Mother Dies From Heart Attack 48 Hours After Plastic Surgery

    Just two days after having liposuction on her thighs, mother-of-two Pauline Bainbridge suffered a massive heart attack and died. So far investigators do not have a cause for the death, as the hospital that administered the procedure was reputed and Mrs. Bainbridge was in great physical health. Her husband said “We’re not blaming anyone. We don’t know why she died. It’s a terrible tragedy. But it could have been a complication from the operation. The doctors said it could have been a blood clot or an aneurism. We’ll have to wait and see what the coroner says.” Our hearts go out to the grieving family. (Source: Daily Mail)

    Cookies That Make Your Boobs Grow

    Breast Augmentation, Implants, CookiesIf you’re looking for an alternative to breast implants, there is a new option on the horizon. If you eat two F-Cup cookies per day, your breasts will supposedly grow bigger to an F-cup. Each cookie contains 50mg of a “miracle” breast enhacing herb called Pueraria Mirifica. The manufactuer doesn’t know how many cookies you’ll have to eat until you see results, but assures consumers that the cookies will expand your breasts. (Source: Dollymix)

    Three Liposuction Deaths At Arizona Clinic

    Authorities have opened a criminal investigation on the Normann Medical Group, where three patients died following liposuction. This unfortunate case highlights the need to research the doctor and their office credentials, as Dr. Peter Normann, Dr. Gary Page (a homeopathic doctor) and his staff members were illegally administering anesthesia without having a formal license or any training. (Source: Fox)

    Breast Implant Remains May Lead to Finding Murder Victim

    A breast implant found with human remains in a Franklin County swamp earlier this month may be connected with the suspicious disappearance of a Lilburn woman. Leslie Adams, 40, of Gwinnett County was reported missing on October 25, 2005. Blood and a shell casing were found at the foot of her bed in her apartment. Adams, a hairstylist and mother of two, had a temporary protective order against her ex-boyfriend, whose phone records showed that he had placed several calls to her on the day she was reported missing. Authorities found a breast implant along with the remains, and Adams reportedly had breast augmentation. (Source: Franklin County Citizen)

    The New Non-Surgical Cheek Lift: The Cheek Toner

    Cheek Toner, AugmentationJapan has come up with yet another useless invention, an egg-themed torture device that is supposed to firm up the cheeks by rolling plastic patches designed to look like plastic sunny-side-up eggs over the face. The manufacturers claim that the Cheek toner also helps achieve rosier cheeks. (source: Plasticized)

    Suicide Rate Higher Among Women With Breast Implants

    Across the six studies, the suicide rate of women who received cosmetic breast implants is approximately twice the expected rate based on estimates of the general population. The first study of this issue suggested that the rate of suicide among women with breast implants was greater than that of women who underwent other forms of cosmetic surgery. Women interested in breast augmentation who present with a history of psychopathology or those who are suspected by the plastic surgeon of having some form of psychopathology should undergo a mental health consultation before surgery. (Source: American Journal of Psychiatry)

    Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery is a weekly Make Me Heal column with news bytes of weird, sad, and funny tidbits about cosmetic surgery.

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