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  • Jordan is a famous voluptuous English model who has had multiple plastic surgery procedures, most notoriously to make her breasts a size 30G and more recently, a breast reduction to make them more manageable for her non-modeling career (read about Jordan’s Plastic Surgery). While Jordan is looking to move away from plastic surgery, one British teen wants to become the next Jordan.

    Weird Plastic Surgery, Breast ImplantsJordan, Breast Implants

    Emma Hughes is a 15 year old who can’t wait to emulate the surgically enhanced glamour model Jordan. And her number one supporter is her mother.

    Ashley Hughes, Emma’s mother is currently working five cleaning jobs to support Emma’s dream and future surgical enhancements.

    Because Emma is too young to legally use a tanning salon, she has purchased a tanning bed for their private home. She is saving for Emma’s future plastic surgeries, including breast augmentation(s) and veneers.

    Mrs Hughes told Hello! magazine, “When Emma was 13, we watched a documentary on glamour models, including Jordan. Emma said, ‘I’m prettier than her. I want to be a glamour model’.”

    “Now I hold down as many jobs as I can to ensure she’ll have all the beauty treatments, tanning sessions and cosmetic surgery she needs to achieve her dream.”

    Emma praises Jordan and wants to be just like her, “Jordan’s my idol. She’s turned a modelling career into books and a TV show. She’s made millions.”

    “I have to look the part. I’m already planning a boob job so they look more like Jordan’s, despite the fact that I’m already a 34F.”

    Mrs. Hughes has already spent a reported £15,000 on salon treatments and says, “I’m not worried about this tanorexia nonsense, or skin cancer from sunbeds. It hasn’t affected her health. It’s making her confident and beautiful. All the treatments will give her the edge. They’re going to help her be a star.”

    Source: Celebrity Crust