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    Here are this week’s Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news bytes from around the universe about cosmetic surgery:

    Israeli Woman Saved By Breast Implants

    A woman in Israel survived a sharpnel wound from a Hizballah rocket attack because her apparently massive, bomb-resistant breast implants protected her. “This is an extraordinary case, but it’s a fact that the silicone implants prevented her from a more serious and deeper wound.” Maybe US troops in Iraq should start getting breast implants? (www.lonestartimes.com).

    Plastic Surgeon Liposuctions Out Belly Dancer’s Buttock

    A German belly dancer who checked into a hospital to have her thighs liposuctioned ended up with just one butt cheek after the plastic surgeon liposuctioned out her right buttock. Julia “Cleopatra” Meyer, 38, of Munich, said “I had been unhappy with my saddlebags, the fat stored in the outer thigh area. Because of the local anaesthesia I did not realise what he was doing. When I saw afterwards that half of my bum was missing I almost fainted. It had been completely sucked away.” The dispute was settled in court and Meyer was awarded £12,000 damages from the unnamed private plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, though, the dancer has no career and is terrified of showing her body. According to the court, the poor woman “does not even dare to go to a swimming pool because she is ashamed of the way she looks”. A consultant at the Berlin Charité hospital chipped in his expert opinion, describing the arse reduction as a “grave error in treatment”. Our hearts go ahead to this lady and hope that another surgeon can fix this problem with fat grafts or a buttock implant (www.plasticized.com, The Register).

    Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery is a weekly Make Me Heal column with news bytes of weird, sad, and funny tidbits about cosmetic surgery.

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