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    In this week’s Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news we focus on stories involving abusive husbands and plastic surgery and they are on the more tragic tip of things. Our hearts go out to these women. But we leave you off with one story about finding Mr. Right through cosmetic surgery.

    Failed Suicides in Iraq Create Plastic Surgery Demand

    Many Iraqis women who survive suicide attempts by setting themselves on fire (known as self-immolation) are now turning to cosmetic surgery to get rid of unsightly burn scars. Suham Ghafoor was once proud of her beauty and is now ashamed to show the scars left on her face after she tried to burn herself to death. Last year, after many arguments with her husband, the young woman decided to end her life by setting herself on fire. It was the only option she thought she had left to escape a life of abuse and insults from her husband. Now she is one of a growing number of women having plastic surgery to remove the burns left by her failed suicide bid. “I knew it was the end of my life,” she said, “I just wanted to escape from life and the insults of my husband.” Armed with five liters of kerosene and a lighter, she went into the bathroom where she would be unseen. Soon afterwards, she rushed out, covered in flames and screaming for help. After spending several weeks in recovery, she returned home to her old life. But each morning when looking into the mirror, she knew she would never be the same – so she turned to plastic surgery to restore as much of her old self as possible. “I regret what I have done to myself,” she said, painfully aware of how difficult it will be to regain her look.

    But Ghafoor is not alone in her plight, as In Iraqi-Kurdistan self-immolation is the most common method of suicide for women. In 2006, some 1500 women in the region have tried to commit suicide in this manner, according to statistics from the Sulaimaniyah Emergency Hospital. Almost a third of them died from their injuries. Many of those who survive are now opting to have plastic surgery to get rid of their scars. Experts say that these women are often driven to this desperate measure to escape domestic violence. A lack of psychological or marital counseling, as well as a strict social code that stops people discussing personal matters outside the family, means they often feel they have nowhere to turn for help.

    The first treatments for burn victims, such as skin transplantations, is normally provided free of charge. However, the patients must pay for non-essential surgery which is requested for cosmetic reasons. Unfortunately, removing an average-sized burn costs $500 dollars, which is more than twice the average monthly income. Not surprisingly, the victims are undeterred by the cost and opt for the reconstructive plastic surgery anyway despite not being able to afford it.

    Once the victims’ burns have been treated, the women usually go back to their old lives and face the same old problems with their husbands. In addition to the psychological scars, the women have to cope with their disfigurement. They are often mocked on the street and rejected by their husband who is embarrassed by his wife’s action or appearance. “The [the women] resort to plastic surgery because they are afraid that people will make negative comments about their looks and their husbands might marry another woman,” said sociologist Sameera Hama-Salih. Hama-Salih, who is researching the cause and effect of self-immolation, said that in some cases, the woman’s suicide attempt is enough for an abusive husband to change his ways. But, she said, many couples have problems and even separate because the husband remains abusive towards his wife, or rejects her for another woman, “I saw a 25-year-old woman who had survived self-immolation. Instead of getting help from her husband, he married another woman and neglected her.”

    Ghafoor says her husband’s rejection is one of the reasons she has decided to try and get rid of her scars. “My husband has not even kissed me since what happened to me,” she said sadly. She has undergone two operations so far – at a cost of 250 dollars each – and her scars are less obvious than before, but burns still cover her face, neck, chest and body, and is willing to pay all the money she has for more operations. (Source: Institute For War & Peace Reporting)

    Husband Kidnaps Wife To Stop Her From Getting Breast Implants

    A man has been sentenced to 20 months in jail after kidnapping his wife from a hospital in an attempt to stop her from getting a breast augmentation.

    James McCarthy told his wife Kerry: “Don’t do it. I like you as you are” as he dragged her out of a ward at St Bartholomew’s hospital in the City of London.

    Mrs. McCarthy, 27, fearing he was going to kill her pleaded with hospital staff to save her as she was dragged out. She eventually managed to slip away from the clutches of her husband and fled into a nearby office block where she collapsed to the floor.

    Mrs. McCarthy turned up for her cosmetic surgery with a black eye — courtesy of her wife beating husband — and was in the process of telling a hospital how it happened, when her husband burst through the door and claimed to have a knife. The hospital worker said later “He was clearly in some state of agitation and shouted at Miss Joy. I saw him pick her bag up and he told her ‘I like you as you are. I will kill you now’.”

    When arrested, the 27-year old man told police in a statement: “I pleaded with her not to have a breast augmentation. We had a further chat and she agreed not to have it done.”

    It is not the first time Mr. McCarthy, who has a history of wife beating, has attacked his wife in hospital. When she was two months pregnant and having a scan he punched her in the abdomen and twice in the face – for which he was jailed for three months after pleading guilty to assault.

    Thankfully, Mrs. McCarthy, now living under the maiden name of Kerry Joy, has separated from her violent husband of one year, although she has given birth to a child from this unhappy union. (Source: www.lse.co.uk)

    Woman Spends over $40,000 On New Face To Get Perfect Husband

    Shahnaz Khan has devoted over ten years of her life preparing to meet Mr. Right. But she took an unconventional and expensive path to try to find the perfect man – a wealthy and loving man. She decided that the only way to ensure her dream of meeting Mr Right became reality was if she re-invented herself and looked completely different. Consequently, she has spent the best part of the past decade travelling the globe in a bid to transform herself into a woman with the looks she believes are necessary to snare such a desirable man. Her quest for the finest cosmetic surgery to perfect her facial features has seen her fly thousands of miles, from her cottage in Bradford to countries such as the USA, Croatia and Thailand. To date, she has spent somewhere in the region of $40,000 on re-modelling her face. Apart from spending large amounts of money on beauty creams and hair treatments, she has had two nose jobs, a nose tip elevation, a mini face-lift, face peeling antiwrinkle treatment, eye lift and bag removal and – apparently most painful of all – a dimple inserted into her cheek. Her eyebrows have also been removed and tattooed on, along with further tattoos of eyeliner, lip liner and lipstick – a type of permanent make-up that the strongest cleanser will never remove.

    Shahnaz’s face re-modelling, which began in 1999 and finally ended this year, is now complete. Yet, whether reinventing herself has been a worthwhile investment, resulting in the realisation of her life dream, remains to be seen. For although she has indeed rekindled a relationship of sorts with a man from her past, the bottom line is that since she began, nearly a decade has passed.

    Shahnaz, is now 41 and not only is she still single, she is also still a virgin. And, having spent so long preparing herself for the next step in her life, her chances now of having the two children she longs for are slim (source: Daily Mail).

    Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery is a weekly Make Me Heal column with news bytes of weird, sad, and funny tidbits about cosmetic surgery.

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