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    It’s been a fun week in the world of Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news. Here’s the latest and greatest…

    Boza, Breast BeerBoza: Beer That Grows Your Breasts

    A Bulgarian beer by the name of Boza is rumored to increase breast size. It has become a popular gift for men to give their significant others. Boza is a millet ale made from fermented wheat flour and yeast and it is being snapped up by ar owners, shopkeepers and shoppers across Europe. Constantin Barbu crossed the Danube from Romania to buy Boza in the Bulgarian border town of Ruse. He said: “I’ve bought a case for my wife to try out. I really hope I see an improvement.” (Source: Plasticized and Ananova)

    Woman With Botched Breast Implants To Lose Her Breasts Due To Cancer

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A 31-year old woman who wanted a breast augmentation to please her husband ended up with a devastating result, as she now will need to have both her breasts removed in order to save her life. The woman, known as “Tay”, got a breast enlargement at the advice of her beautician. Trusting her beautician, Tay showed up for her four-hour surgery in a makeshift clinic inside a hotel room and a month later suffered from excruciating chest pains. When she complained to the “doctor”, he promptly reimbursed her half of the surgery fee and said that he would refer her to a specialist who would remove the substance that was causing the pain in her breasts. The doctor never called Tay again and has since gone missing, while the beautifician has denied any involvement with the botched surgery.

    Now, both of Tay’s breasts need to be removed as the substance injected in her botched surgery led to lumps that are cancerous. The substance that was injected into Tay has been identified as something that can only be used on the face.

    “In March, I felt several lumps on my breasts, and after consulting a medical doctor he told me that I need to have both my breasts removed as the lumps were cancerous,” said Tay.

    This tragic story highlights the importance of needing to seek out a qualified surgeon and the need to have surgery in a hospital or professional clinic setting. (Source: The Star)

    Real Estate Agent Fired For Having Mega Breast Implants

    A German real estate agent who aspired to have the bigger breasts in Europe has been sacked by her employer because the Company felt her breast implants were damaging the company’s image. Annina Ulrich, 29, who also works as an erotic model, has admitted that she is addicted to breast surgery which has increased her breasts to a massive 42H cup.

    “My breasts are bigger than those of Katie Price. I’m happy every morning when I look at my superbreasts in the mirror. My clients too think it’s great. I can’t understand why my boss doesn’t think I am an asset to the company.”

    Annina was fired after returning from a trip to Italy, where she had pictures taken of herself so she could apply for erotic magazines as a model. “My boss thought the pictures were great, but publishing them would not go with the company’s image,” said Annina. Now, she said that she intends to start up her own real estate company and is intending on relying on using her biggest assets to draw in customers – putting pictures of her breasts on her business cards (source: Ananova.com).

    Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery is a weekly Make Me Heal column with news bytes of weird, sad, and funny tidbits about cosmetic surgery.

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