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  • Everyone has seen a photo at some point: a botched facelift, uneven breast implants, lips the size and shape of bratwurst. Plastic surgery can certainly go awry if done improperly, but thank goodness, it’s trending towards a more natural look. That’s why new fillers like NOVABEL and Macrolane are gaining popularity in Europe and the United States.

    Made from more natural materials and promising more ‘real’ results, these new fillers are earning buzz from practitioners and patients alike. But what exactly makes NOVABEL or Macrolane different from the more traditional Juvederm or Restylane?

    NOVABEL: Do Tell!

    NOVABEL. The name implies the newness and freshness of youth, and that’s just what the product hopes to offer. Plumper lips, reduction of fine lines, and a generally younger appearance are just some of the benefits NOVABEL potentially presents to the consumer.

    Manufactured by the German pharmaceutical company Merz, NOVABEL is a new facial shaping agent that offers no downtime with immediate effects. Derived from sea algae, NOVABEL is developed with Geleons – uniform and densely packed microscopic spheres filled with alginate  material. The patented Geleon technology and the natural algae combine to form a uniquely resilient and rejuvenating product. Like a stress ball, the Geleons will conform to applied pressure, but will return to their original shape after the pressure is released.

    Geleons are special because they contain a purified carbohydrate alginate, which simulates skin’s natural elasticity. NOVABEL can shape and volumize the face with more precision than a typical filler. NOVABEL is also long lasting and natural, and can be used in areas where other fillers have already been used.

    The good news is, NOVABEL is a revolutionary development in facial fillers. The bad news, although it’s currently available in the EU, NOVABEL is not yet FDA approved. Clinical trials should commence soon, so keep your eyes open for this exciting new product.

    And Macrolane, you say?

    Everyone knows about facial fillers, but what about some boost for your body? Macrolane is an injectable body filler that instantly volumizes sunken or sagging areas for a natural, younger looking you. A hyaluronic acid based gel similar to Juvederm, Macrolane products are akin to your body’s own hyarulonic acids. So what makes Macrolane different? It offers a fuller, thicker volumizing effect which is better for bigger areas. Juvederm and Restylane focus on facial enhancement, while Macrolane can be used for all-over improvement without the downtime or risks associated with surgery.

    As with any anti-aging treatment, the results of Macrolane are not permanent, but a single injection produces immediate results that can last up to a year. The Macrolane gel is slowly metabolized by the patient’s body, and after the results fade, recurring treatments are totally safe.

    Even if you have a smokin’ hot bod, Macrolane might have something to offer you. For instance, if you got that smokin’ hot bod as a result of liposuction, Macrolane can help treat uneven surfaces resulting from fat removal. Or, if your sexy figure is a result of lots of risky outdoor activities, maybe all your mountain climbing and hiking and bungee jumping have left you with your share of scars. Macrolane can treat that too.

    Or, if you’d rather have more drastic improvement beyond correcting existing flaws, Macrolane can augment your appearance in a number of ways. Want larger breasts without the stigma or hassle of implants? Macrolane can increase your cup size. Calves and buttocks are just a few of the other areas where Macrolane can give you a little extra oomph. And unlike silicone or other gel implants, Macrolane won’t leave you with shifting synthetics under your skin as time passes.

    Like NOVABEL, Macrolane is popular in Europe but not yet FDA approved. Some women have reported lumpy or uneven results in the breast augmentation procedure, but results generally seem positive. And Macrolane represents an exciting trend in fillers – an expansion to the whole body and a more natural alternative to traditional implants.

    Learn More

    Visit www.macrolane.com for more information on Macrolane.

    Visit http://www.novabel.co.uk/ for more information on NOVABEL.

    Learn more by going to the Injectable Filler or NOVABEL channels on Makemeheal.com .

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