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  • Michelle Obama hits the big 5-0 this week and just ahead of the First Lady’s birthday she gave an interview with People magazine about her thoughts on getting older and whether or not plastic surgery is part of her future.

    Michelle Obama is a rare combination of brains and beauty and her amazing style isn’t bad either. The First Lady is notoriously active, getting up at dawn to workout with her husband, President Barack Obama. These days, Michelle is changing up her activities, but she’s not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

    As she turns 50 and prepares to celebrate with a dance party at the White House, Mrs. Obama explains to People magazine that she has an eye on the future when it comes to staying fit, “I’m seeing myself shift from weight-bearing stuff – even though that continues to be important – and the heavy cardio and running, to things like yoga that will keep me flexible.”

    She says that flexibility is key, “so that I’m not falling and breaking a hip one day.”

    Her clear message to women is to be healthy. She gets regular mammograms and pap smears and also recently had a colonoscopy.

    And she watches what she eats. “I don’t obsess about what I eat, but I do make sure that I’m eating vegetables and fruit,” added Mrs. Obama. “And as everyone knows, I do exercise.”

    It seems that Mrs. Obama also practices what she preaches as her “Let’s Move” campaign to reduce childhood obesity rates has just begun its fifth year and looks to be working in at least 19 states.

    Mrs. Obama also enjoys gardening and probably eats many of the healthy fruits and vegetables of her labors.

    While Mrs. Obama is pretty open to experimenting with her look, from cutting bangs for a while to shocking fans early in her husband’s presidency by sporting shorts in the hot desert, one thing that Mrs. Obama says she hasn’t tried is Botox.

    Not that she thinks there is anything wrong with plastic surgery, and although she may consider plastic surgery in the future, she says that it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

    “Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves,” the first lady told People magazine in an interview hitting newsstands Friday, her birthday. “Right now, I don’t imagine that I would go that route, but I’ve also learned to never say never.”

    Indeed, it doesn’t look like Mrs. Obama will have much need of Botox, as her brows are already very arched and her forehead remains pretty unlined, unless she is animated or expressing emotion. In fact, when she briefly cut her hair into bangs, some speculated that she was using them in place of Botox to cover up any wrinkles between her brows or across her forehead.

    Mrs. Obama is continually looking forward, so it seems likely that part of her beauty regimen is using anti-aging skincare products as well as sunscreen to ward of signs of aging and damage as well as protect against skin cancer.

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    While many supermodels (other than Janice Dickinson) tend to stay quiet about plastic surgery, Tyra Banks is opening up about her views on the sometimes controversial topic.

    38-year old Tyra Banks is cool about some things in her private life, including relationships. But apparently she’s getting bolder when it comes to talking about other topics, like plastic surgery.

    Reportedly in an interview with Yahoo! Singapore supermodel Tyra Banks said that she hates when models and celebrities condemn plastic surgery, saying that people should be able to do what they want when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

    “I hate when models say ‘Oh, plastic surgery is just a wrong thing.’”


    “What’re you talking about? You won the genetic lottery,” she went on. “You look like this specimen that’s making people everywhere feel insecure and you’re going to ridicule someone for getting plastic surgery?”


    When asked if she would have plastic surgery in the future, she replied, “sure,” but declined to give any information on what those procedures would be.

    “I’m very lucky,” Banks admitted. “Black people and Asian people have similar (strong) skin… But if one day I have wrinkles and I don’t like it, I don’t know if I’ll cut myself but maybe… a little Botox, fillers?”

    In the past it has been said that Tyra had nose surgery early in her career, transforming her into one of the world’s most recognizable faces (See Make Me Heal’s story on Tyra Banks’ rhinoplasty)

    Tyra still hasn’t admitted to going under the knife herself; but she did shut down rumors of breast implants back in her days as a daytime talk show host.

    Given her age, Tyra may be stepping up her anti-aging regimen from skincare and going for injectables like Botox and Juvederm.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Tyra Banks on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    Jennifer Lawrence has become a household name thanks to her major role in the hit film Hunger Games earlier this year. But with big roles come big makeup and it’s important for young stars to take good care of their skin, to prevent acne and even early signs of aging. Using a Prosonic device is an excellent way to start a good skincare regimen and maintain it for life.

    21-year old Jennifer Lawrence is seemingly flawless and seems to only get better with every public appearance. But on the brink of 22, Jennifer may want to upgrade her skincare routine from the soap and water used by many young adults.

    The ProSonic Face & Body Professional Cleansing/Exfoliation Anti Aging Brush Set is the same type of device used by professional estheticians. It’s also the only such device available over the Internet to the public. The cleansing system offers four different speeds for face and body, and for exfoliation/microdermabrasion. 

    The ProSonic is a much more effective way to clean than traditional methods and reaches deep into the skin to clear blackheads, remove makeup and other impurities to reveal, clear healthy skin.

    In addition to being a cleaning machine, the ProSonic is waterproof and can be used in the shower, tub or sink without fear, giving a professional facial experience in the privacy of home.

    It is gentle enough to be used twice a day to reduce the appearance of fine lines, pores and oily skin and dry patches.

    Buy ProSonic now.

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    Stanley Tucci recently got married to none other than Felicity Blunt, the younger sister of his former Devil Wears Prada costar, Emily Blunt. While many famous couples tend to walk down the aisle with plastic surgery, this one seems to go be going the distance au naturel.

    51-year old Stanley Tucci tends to play it natural when it comes to plastic surgery, using chemical peels and skincare products to keep his skin fresh and camera ready (See Make Me Heal’ story on Stanley Tucci’s plastic surgery). However, if he wanted to try for hair restoration, he could use various devices and shampoos designed to restore hair after loss has occurred.

    Although big sister Emily Blunt has been rumored to have had plastic surgery that includes one or more minor nose jobs, lip augmentation as well as chin and cheek implants, (See Make Me Heal’ story on Emily Blunt’s plastic surgery), Felicity looks like she’s still young and beautiful and hasn’t had any work done. But she may borrow some of her sister’s skincare products as she has a flawless complexion.

    Makemeheal.com congratulates the newlyweds and wishes them the best.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Stanley Tucci on Plasticopedia and Felicity Blunt on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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    Since the tabloids broke the news of Kristen Stewart’s affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, everyone has been wondering how his wife, Liberty Ross, will react in the days to come. Makemeheal.com is wondering if she will have plastic surgery, which is a common course of action after a breakup.

    33-year old Liberty Ross has been in a relationship with Rupert Sanders since she was 18. She still has the fresh complexion of a teenager, but it apparently isn’t the result of plastic surgery or even Botox injections.

    When interviewed by the Daily Mail a few years back as to whether or not she would have plastic surgery, Liberty said, “I wouldn’t. We’re moving into a scary time where looking perfect is becoming normal but where do you draw the line? I think Botox is nuts – it’s nice to have expression in your face.”

    Rather than Botox injections, Liberty reportedly uses skincare products to ward off wrinkles.

    Whatever her secrets to looking good, Liberty is still looking good, even through her very public domestic drama.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Liberty Ross on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    Ali McGraw moved out of the Hollywood spotlight into the New Mexico sun years ago, but she’s back briefly to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures. A public appearance gave Makemeheal.com a glimpse of the plastic surgery she may have had over the years.

    73-year old Ali McGraw isn’t the pretty young lady she once was. But considering how bad the sun is for your skin, she has aged pretty well.

    Ali’s neck still looks fairly tight and free of the jowls that commonly plague people of a certain  age, so she may have spent time on facelift recovery at some point. She likely also uses good skincare products and sunscreens to beat sun damage.

    Dr. Jonathan Hall is one of the top plastic surgeons in Boston, who is know for his natural appearing results. Dr. Hall, who has not treated Ali McGraw, says, “I think that she has aged well with plastic surgery.  Not many of us are going to hold up well next to a photo from 40 years before.  All that New Mexico sun doesn’t help-the sun can damage our skin and age us faster- but she has a good neckline facial volume and appearance for her age.  She looks fantastic for 73-and would unnatural if overdone.  I am guessing that she has benefited from well-done plastic surgery.   Nothing to say ‘sorry ‘ about here.”

    In the years since her iconic Love Story, Ali has been championing for animal rights.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Ali McGraw on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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    Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities maintain their camera-ready glow? Maybe you’ve spent hours browsing department stores for the best products to give you that red carpet aura. Makemeheal.com has uncovered a few skincare brands that have become celebrity favorites of Hilary SwankVictoria BeckhamJennifer Love HewittChristina Applegate, and other Hollywood Celebrities.  We’re sharing these celebrity skincare secrets with you below:

    La Mer

    La Mer has long been associated with over the top luxury and more importantly, amazing results. Founded by a scientist looking to heal his scars from a lab accident, Crème de la Mer has since become one of the leaders in luxury skincare products. One of the first brands to use sea kelp, La Mer promises to keep skin soft, supple and refined. With so much going for La Mer, it’s no wonder that it has become a celebrity favorite with celebrities from the A-List to the D-List including Christina Applegate, Amanda Bynes and Kimora Lee Simmons.

    Check out the entire line of La Mer products.  Go to the La Mer Skincare Shop.

    Elizabeth Arden

    Elizabeth Arden revolutionized the way Americans perceive beauty, with her signature red door spa. When celebrities and beauty lovers can’t make it to the Red Door Spa, they rely on Elizabeth Arden skincare products to make them beautiful at home. Some products have become cult classics, like Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream, which has millions fans including several top celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Carmen Electra and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Check out the entire line of Elizabeth Arden products.  Go to the Elizabeth Arden Skincare Shop.


    Kinerase is a skincare line using a plant-based antioxidant that scientists believe prevents plant leaves from drying out. The same antioxidant is found in Kinerase products, which help to prevent signs of aging and dry skin. Celebrity fans like Courteney Cox especially like the Kinerase C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment, which can be applied before makeup to help prevent creasing.

    Check out the entire line of Kinerase products.  Go to the Kinerase Skincare Shop.

    Laura Mercier

    Laura Mercier skincare products have found favorites with young Hollywood, who enjoy the makeup artist’s fresh spin on skincare and cosmetics, which focuses on accentuating natural beauty. The sweetly scented body products like Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Souffle Body Creme are favorites with the singer Kelly Clarkson and Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szhohr.

    Check out the entire line of Laura Mercier products.  Go to the Laura Mercier Skincare Shop.


    Celebrities don’t shy from sharing a fair amount of skin. With Ahava products, it’s easy to want to show off youthful, dewy skin. Using minerals and properties from the Dead Sea, Ahava helps to rejuvenate and refresh the skin with some of the world’s most mineral rich substances. Celebrities like Kristin Davis are fans of Ahava.

    Check out the entire line of Ahava products.  Go to the Ahava Skincare Shop.

    Amore Pacific

    Amore Pacific hails from Korea, but it is has brought the Asian vision of beauty to women around the world. The brand seeks to bring out the beauty in everyone, through technologically advanced skincare products combined with Asian botanicals. Celebrity talk show host Rachael Ray likes the brand’s potions and lotions.

    Check out the entire line of Amore Pacific products.  Go to the Amore Pacific Skincare Shop.

    Carol’s Daughter

    Carol’s Daughter tends to fly under the radar, but the brand has developed many fans from Hollywood’s leading celebrities of color, including singer Mary J. Blige. The brand uses rare ingredients to help smooth skin and bring out natural beauty. The gift sets are popular for any occasion and give the opportunity to try numerous dry skin soothers at once.

    Check out the entire line of Carol’s daughter products.  Go to the Carol’s Daughter Skincare Shop.


    Kiehl’s was first started as an apothecary shop in New York back in 1851. Since then, the brand has become a legendary source of the best skincare and beauty products around, drawing plenty of fans both in and out of Hollywood. Amongst the biggest celebrity fans is The Office’s Jenna Fischer. Kiel’s also practices social responsibility and collaborates with celebrities like Brad Pitt to raise money for charity and increase awareness about world issues.

    Check out the entire line of Kiehl’s products.  Go to the Kiehl’s Skincare Shop.

    Peter Thomas Roth

    Peter Thomas Roth was founded by skincare junkie Peter Thomas Roth, searching for products that would help with acne and eventually, anti-aging. With a family history that included owning spas in Hungary, Roth combined Hungarian skincare with new technological advancements to create the Peter Thomas Roth skincare line, which has won awards and accolades and a celebrity following that includes acting chameleon Hilary Swank.

    Check out the entire line of Peter Thomas Roth products.  Go to the Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Shop.

    Eve Lom

    Eve Lom is the go-skin guru for Hollywood and royalty alike. For clients that can’t make it to the spa, Eve Lom has developed a UK based skincare brand that helps clients stay camera-ready wherever their travels take them. The award-winning super luxurious skincare line counts celebrities like Ivanka Trump amongst its fans.

    Check out the entire line of Eve Lom products.  Go to the Eve Lom Skincare Shop.

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